World Neglected Tropical disease Day Department General Medicine:

Our recent Continuing Medical Education (CME) seminar provided a platform to delve into the world of Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs), shedding light on their diagnosis, management, and significance in healthcare. Dr. S. Girija, HOD, delved into the theme of NTD 2024, elucidating why these diseases are considered neglected and outlining necessary steps to address them from various perspectives. Dr. Venkateswaran, Additional Professor at JIPMER, delivered an enlightening session on Melioidosis, emphasizing its status as a neglected disease. From basics to management, he elucidated the difficulties in diagnosis, red flags for suspicion, treatment approaches, and common pitfalls. -Dr. KN Viswanathan highlighted the urgency of addressing Rabies seriously, underlining its impact on public health and the importance of preventive measures. An online quiz program through Quizizz engaged postgraduate students, promoting interactive learning. Congratulations to Dr. Abhinav, the first-place winner, and Dr. Dinesh Varma, the runner-up, who were honored by our esteemed guest speakers. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all participants, speakers, and organizers for making this CME seminar a resounding success. Special thanks to Dr. Kawiraj for his vote of thanks, concluding the event on a high note. Let's continue our efforts to combat Neglected Tropical Diseases and improve global health outcomes.