The department offers a 24 hours Microbiology laboratory service to the entire hospital, its outreach programs, peripheral hospitals and sister institutions. The services are divided into sections, with a faculty member overseeing and authorizing the work in each section. The department participates in EQAS organized by a professional body.

Tests performed in Microbiology laboratory


  1. A.S.O
  2. C.R.P
  3. R.A factor
  4. Widal
  5. VDRL
  6. HBsAg (Rapid)
  7. HBsAg (Elisa)
  8. H.I.V antibody (Rapid)
  9. H.I.V antibody (Elisa)
  10. H.C.V antibody (Rapid)
  11. H.C.V antibody (Elisa)
  12. H.A.V (Rapid)
  13. Dengue Antigen & Antibody (Rapid)
  14. Dengue Antigen & Antibody (Elisa)
  15. Chikungunya antibody (Rapid)
  16. Leptospira antibody (Rapid)
  17. Brucella antibody (Rapid )
  18. Brucella antibody (STA)
  19. Scrub typhus (I.C)
  20. Scrub typhus (Elisa)
  21. Serum IgE (Elisa)
  22. A.N.A (Elisa)
  23. Anti ds DNA (Elisa)
  24. Mantoux test
  25. Weil Felix test


  1. Routine culture & sensitivity of all specimens
  2. A.F.B culture of all specimens
  3. Bactec blood culture
  4. Slit skin smear for A.F.B
  5. Sputum for A.F.B


  1. Microscopy of all specimens for Fungal elements
  2. Culture of all specimens for fungi


  1. Exam’n of stools for parasites ( Ova & Cysts)