Medical Education Unit


  • To evolve into a globally recognized center of excellence in Medical Education


To continuously upgrade the quality of Medical Education by

  • Adopting and updating with the emerging curricular trends
  • Developing globally eminent faculty in Medical Education by enhancing capacity-building
  • Cultivating the usage of innovative, student-centric Teaching-Learning methods by promoting Medical educational research
  • Integrating Technology into Medical Education
  • Promoting national and international collaborations for enlightening the educational process
  • Orienting undergraduate & postgraduate students to the Curriculum, Skills, Ethics and Professionalism

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  • To organize periodic faculty development programs, for training the faculty with the updates in the medical curriculum including CBME
  • To motivate faculty to pursue fellowships/PhD in Medical Education
  • To organize Revised Basic Course Workshop in Medical Education & AETCOM and Curriculum Implementation Support Program with the guidance from the Nodal/Regional center
  • To orient and train the faculty with the implementation of student-centric innovative teaching learning methods
  • To organize workshops that enhance e-learning and integration of technology into medical education
  • To increase the visibility and scope through national/international collaborations
  • To organize state/national/international conferences that enlighten the medical education process
  • To sensitize the undergraduates and postgraduates to curricular trends, research methodologies, skill acquisition, inculcating ethics and professionalism through Orientation programs
  • To own a medical education journal of MEU.