The Department of Anaesthesiology and Critical Care is a working asset for Sri Manakula Vinayagar Medical college and Hospital.

The Department of Anaesthesiology is a well organized, directed and integrated with other departments/services of the hospital. The aim of the Department of Anaesthesiology is to become excellent anaesthesia department of its own standard in the country by 2020. To have multidepartmental, multiinstitutional and international collaboration in the field of biomedical research and innovation. To train students in the skills of resuscitation, initial assessment and stabilisation of poly trauma patients. To carryout clinical research in the fields of critical care, interventional & palliative pain management and damage control surgery /resuscitation. To conduct workshops, CME, Conferences and encourage participation of faculty and students.

Department is well equipped with talented and experienced teachers exposed to advances in the specialities of perioperative anaesthesia, trauma ,critical care, pain management and super specialities which provides an additional platform in managing almost all complicated patients; also train our students in developing skills in trauma care and resuscitation.


Reach the pinnacle of Anaesthetic excellence

Adopting modern technology – teaching and training Medical students / professionals Providing healing touch to the humanity.

Anaesthesia Department is located in Clinical Department wing in II Floor of Hospital and all operation theatres complexes are located in I floor of the Hospital.

Round the clock services are made available by a dedicated team of well qualified Anaesthesiologists. The department has all modern equipments to provide the services and it strictly abides by safety and supreme patient care.

Name Designation
Dr.Suneeth.P.Lazarus Professor and Head
Dr.Vishwanath R Hiremath Professor
Dr.Krishna Prabu.R Professor
Dr.Balasubramanian.S Associate Professor
Dr.Suresh Kumar .K Associate Professor
Dr.Dinesh Babu.D Associate Professor
Dr.Dilip Chandar.D Assistant Professor
Dr.Sanmugapiriya.K Assistant Professor
Dr.Arunsekar.G Assistant Professor
Dr.Ramya.N Assistant Professor
Dr.Srinivasan.R Assistant Professor
Dr.Arulmani.A Assistant Professor
Dr.Vidjaivikram.S Senior Resident
Dr.Murshid Ahamed.A Senior Resident
Dr.Venkatakrishnan.S Senior Resident
Dr.Abinaya Junior Resident
Dr.Jacob John Plakeel Junior Resident
Dr.Kishore.R Junior Resident
Dr.Vigneshwaran.J Junior Resident
Dr.Anwar Shakkeel Junior Resident
Dr.Ashwanth.B.A Junior Resident
Dr.Gayathri.S Junior Resident
Dr.Guru Avinash.G Junior Resident
Dr.Jiju Antony.A Junior Resident
Dr.Vigneswaran.C Junior Resident
Dr.Abi Meenashy Junior Resident
Dr.Balapriya.B Junior Resident
Dr.Elizabeth Nishi Junior Resident
Dr.Kaussika Sri.K Junior Resident
Dr.Mannare Mannane Junior Resident
Dr.Ranganaayaki.G Junior Resident
  • Air conditioned Seminar Hall with LCD Projector, Desktop and departmental computer system with central connectivity and internet.
  • Research laboratory, Museum, Central and Departmental Library.

Pre Anaesthetic Clinic:

Pre Anaesthetic Out Patient Clinic available in Surgical OPD Wing to ensure proper pre operative assessment , evaluation, planning , discussing the anaesthetic plan with the patients by well trained Anaesthesiologists to abide standards of American Society of Anaesthesiologists and World Health Organization.

Operation Theatre Facility:

Fourteen well equipped State of Art Operation Theatres with Laminar flow air conditioning system.

Post Anaesthesia Care Unit:

Well equipped Post Anaesthesia Care unit monitored round the clock by Anaesthesiologists and well trained Staff Nurses.

Critical Care Unit:

A well equipped state of art 8 Bedded Ultra Modern Critical Care Unit managed round the clock by Anaesthesiologists trained in Critical Care to provide critical care services of International Standards.

Anaesthesia Services inside O.R (Operation Room)

Types of anaesthesia provided

  • General Anaesthesia
  • Spinal Anaesthesia
  • Epidural Anaesthesia
  • Caudal Anaesthesia
  • Combined techniques
  • Nerve blocks (Regional & Local)
  • Total Intravenous Anaesthesia
  • Monitored Anaesthesia Care

Varieties of surgical Specialities

  • General Surgery
  • Obstetrics & Gynaecology
  • Laparoscopic surgeries( OBG and General Surgery)
  • Orthopaedics (Spine, Joint replacement, Arthroscopy)
  • ENT (Microscopic surgeries, Endoscopic , UVPP)
  • Ophthalmology
  • Faciomaxillary & Dental surgeries
  • Diagnostic & therapeutic Bronchoscopy.
  • CT, C-Arm , Nerve stimulator, Ultrasound Guided guided therapeutic procedures for acute and chronic pain management by Anaesthesiologists.

Varieties of Surgical Super specialities

  • Urology
  • Paediatric Surgery
  • Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgery
  • Neurosurgery
  • Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery
  • Oncosurgery

Anaesthesia services Outside O.R (Operation Theatre)

  • Pre Anaesthetic evaluation clinic
  • Pain Clinic
  • Ventilator management in CCU, Medical and Surgical ICU, Casualty, ICCU, PICU &NICU.
  • Anaesthesia for radiological suites- MRI,CT scan
  • Anaesthesia for cardiac cath lab procedures.
  • Central line for CVP monitoring and Dialysis etc.
  • Labour Analgesia
  • Brainstem Evoked Response Audiometry

Operation Theatre Equipments

  • Ultra modern Anaesthesia workstations
  • Boyle’s Apparatus
  • Oxygen & Gas analysers
  • Multipara monitors
  • Electronically adjustable Operation theatre table
  • C-Arm compatible OR Table
  • Laparoscope
  • Ambu bags
  • Tech 7 vaporizers
  • Mobile X-ray units
  • Fiber optic – Laryngoscope
  • Fiber optic bronchoscope,Videolarynscope
  • Ultra Modern Ultrasound machine with 2D ECHO facility.
  • Syringe pumps & infusion pumps
  • Blood and fluid warmers
  • Patient warming systems
  • Radiant warmers for Newborns
  • Neuromuscular monitor
  • Defibrillators

All other equipments for Anaesthesia& resuscitation

  • Supraglottic Airway devices (LMA – C trac, proseal)
  • Bougies, (Adult & Pediatric ventilating Bougie)
  • Nerve locator (Braun)

Anaesthesia – I Ultrasound Guided Nerve Blocks


Anaesthesia – II USG Guided Nerve Blocks

Liquid Oxygen Plant.

Manifold Room

It is well equipped with Manifold technicians and

  1. D type O2 and N2O cylinders connected in series and with automatic switch over mechanism.
  2. As a crown to our Manifold room Liquid Oxygen Plant was added.
  3. Vacuum generators and compressor with outlet central supply lines for O2, N2O and vacuum ports in the wards, ICUs and operation theatres.

Central Sterilization & Supply Department (CSSD)

Equipped with well trained staffs round the clock and with adequate sterilization equipments ETO (Ethylene Oxide) sterilization facility is also available.

For Students

Undergraduate training

The didactic lectures are scheduled weekly on all Saturdays for 6th& 7thSemester MBBS.

6th Semester Saturday 8.30am -9.30am
7th Semester


Two weeks of compulsory training period.

Regular CPR workshop for all the interns on every year January month.

  • G Lecture classes.
  I week II week III week IV week
Monday Seminar Seminar Seminar Seminar
Tuesday Faculty class Scientific Society Meeting Faculty class Seminar
Wednesday Case Presentation Case Presentation Case Presentation Death Audit
Thursday Department Meeting Group discussion Group discussion Group discussion
Friday Journal Club Seminar Journal Club Seminar

Teaching methods

  • G Seminars
  • Journal clubs
  • Case Presentation
  • Group Discussion
  • Internal Assessment for PGs by means of written examination , oral and clinical evaluation.
  • CPR classes for UG Students, CRRI, PGs and Residents.
  • Simulator and Manikin assisted hands on workshop for UG students, CRRI, PGs and Residents.


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Name of the Postgraduate Programe Topic Awarded
Dr.Girimurugan PONCON 2014 Annual state conference Free paper presentation 2nd Prize
Dr.Girimurugan&Dr.Arish PONCON 2014 Quiz 2nd Prize
Dr.A.Arulmani ISACON 2015 Nation conference Jaipur ISH NARANI MEMORIAL POSTER Best Poster
Dr.Arulmani Annual Scientific Society Meet 2016 Original Article 1 st Prize
Dr.Nithish Mukunthan Annual Scientific Society Meet 2016 Original Article 2nd Prize
Dr.A.Arulmani Dr.Nithish Mukunthan PONCON 2016 Annual state conference Quiz 3rd Prize

University Medals:

Name of the Post graduate Batch University exam medal
Dr.Nithish Mukunthan 2015-2017 Gold Medal

Seminars and Conferences Conducted

S.No Date Nature of the Program Programme
1 07.3.2010 Regional symposium on Mechanical ventilation CME
2 16.10.2013 CME World Anaesthesia day
3 08.11.2014 09.11.2014 PONCON 5th Annual state conference of ISA Puducherry CME + workshop +conference
4 29.11.2015 Workshop PG Assembly
5 2015&2016 SIMSCON CPR Workshop
6 17.10.2016 CME World Anaesthesia Day
Batch Name Of the Post- Graduates Working Institute Emainl ID
2012-2015 Dr.N.Girimurugan Consultant Anaesthesiologist , Sudha Hospital,Erode
Dr.Sanmugapiriya Assistant Professor, SMVMCH
Dr.Vishak Nair Consultant Critical Carephysician, JubileeMission Hospital, Thrissur
2013-2016 Dr.Arish Assistant Professor, PIMS
Dr.Sivashanmugam Assistant Professor, SRM , Trichy
Dr.Yogeshwaran Consultant Anaesthesiologist, RMRHospital, Thiruvanamalai
2014-2017 Dr.Arulmani Assistant Professor, SMVMCH
Dr.Kartheek Hajeebu Assistant Professor, NIMRA Institute of MedicalSciences, Vijayawada
Dr.Nithish Mukunthan Registrar, Critical Care,Apollo Hospitals,Greams Road.
2015-2018 Dr.Badrinath Senior Resident,SMVMCH
Dr.Murshid Ahamed Senior Resident,SMVMCH
Dr.Vidjaivikram Senior Resident,SMVMCH

Testimonial from PG alumni:

Dr.Arulmani (2014 – 2017)

“ Well trained and experienced faculties are the major pillars of this department. We were made to be competent anaesthesiologist by rigorous training and teaching by faculties. Availability of machines and equipments of modern standards and more number of cases with variety of conditions has made us to learn and cherish during our PG residency. Moreover, a homely atmosphere has enabled us to cross through our PG residency with love and care”

Dr. Vidjai vikram: (2015 – 2018)

“ During the 3 years of my PG life, the Department of Anaesthesiology ,SMVMCH has been a second family and the OT a second home. Each and every faculty was always caring and supervising from the very first till the last day of exams. It was made sure that a self learning process maintained, but we were also spoon fed at times. The department wiped away our tears in worst moments and laughed with us in best moments. I will forever be grateful to the department of anaesthesia of SMVMCH, which did everything to make the anaesthetist that I am today”