Simulation Centre

About Us

The simulation centre is located in the third floor of college building with total area of 872sq.m.The simulation centre encompasses a wide range of facilities to teach and train both undergraduate and post graduate students. This centre is designed not only to meet the needs of students but also has facilities to conduct live workshops and conferences. The centre can also be used for conducting OSCE exams for students. The simulation ICU and operation theatre are designed to train postgraduates in various competencies. The rooms are fully equipped with hospital beds, exam tables, monitors, IV poles, defibrillators, blood pressure cuffs, simulated oxygen ports and all equipments & supplies required to respond to medical and nursing interventions, including emergencies. The centre offers simulated experiential learning via task training & high fidelity scenarios using patient manikins & trained medical actors.


  • To provide a safe simulated environment for learners to enhance their skills and competences to achieve quality patient care and professionalism.


  • To create simulation-based educational programs to assist in the attainment of certified skills as specified by NMC
  • To integrate interprofessional scenarios into the simulation curriculum to enrich multidisciplinary learning
  • To promote research in simulation pedagogy to improve patient safety

Program Specific outcomes

  1. Practice history taking, physical examination and procedural skills to become compassionate clinician
  2. Develop skills to function as effective interprofessional team member and leader
  3. Modify and refine existing skills, acquire new skills to become lifelong learner
  4. Demonstrate professionalism by recognizing and managing ethical and professional conflicts
  5. Communicate with patients, families, colleagues and community respectfully and effectively


Name Designation, Simulation centre
Dr.M.Jayasree Program Director, Teamwork & Communication skills training lead
Dr. G Prasath Member, Resuscitation training lead
Dr. S.Girija Member, Medical training lead
Dr. A.Arulkumaran Member, Pediatrics training lead
Dr.K.Niveditha Member, Obstetrics training lead
Dr.G.K.Poomalar Member, Surgical training lead
Dr.T.Preethi Member, Teamwork & Communication skills training lead
Dr. Amaravathi Uthayakumar Member, First aid and trauma training lead
Dr.R.Ganesh Member, Medical simulation operator
Mrs. S.Jayasri Clerk
Mr. M. Ezhumalai Simulation Assistant

Facility Available

Manikin Details


  • Resusci Anne Advance Skill Trainer
  • Half Body CPR Manikin
  • Airway Management Trainer
  • Little Anne QCPR with APP
  • Central Venous Cannulation Trainer
  • Mini Anne Plus (Single) LT
  • Advanced Epidural & Lumbar

General Medicine

  • Adult Vein Puncture & Injection Training Arm
  • Multi Functional Injection Model
  • Buttock Injection Training Model
  • Male Catheterization Training Simulator
  • Female Catheterization Training Simulator
  • Advanced Epidural & Lumbar
  • Chest Drain Needle Decompression Trainer
  • NG Tube / Trash Care
  • NSG Anne Standard

Obstetrics & Gynecology

  • Advanced Gynecological Examination Model
  • Gynecological Examination Model
  • Delivery Training Model (Vacuum Delivery Model)
  • Obstetric Manikin
  • Abdominal Palpation Manikin
  • Mama Birthie (Light)
  • Uterus Collection ( Mama U, Sister U)


  • New Born Anne
  • Pediatric Intubation Trainer
  • ALS Baby Trainer with Heartsim
  • Baby Stap

General Surgery

  • Breast Examination Model(Wearable)
  • Advanced Breast Examination
  • Male Rectal Examination
  • Chest Drain Needle Decompression Trainer
  • Male Pelvic Advance
  • Standard Male Rectal Examination
  • VALS Laparoscopic Skills


  • Crash Kelly




Foundation Course - 2023 Batch (Jan - Mar 2023)

OG - Laproscopic Mar 2023

Planning & Execution of OSCE & OSPE - Mar 2023

CRRI- 2018 Batch (4-7 Jul 2023)

Nursing Visit (31 Jul 2023)

Simulation Competition - Sep 2023

SIMSCON - Sep 2023

AHA Certified BLS & ACLS - Mar & Oct 2023

Obstetric Nursing Program (Oct 2023)

PG Orientation - 2023 Batch (Oct 2023)

PG Orientation - 2022 Batch (Oct & Nov 2023)

AHA Certified BLS- PG ( Nov 2023)

OG OSCE - Nov 2023

Perioperative Nursing Program - Nov 2023

Staff Nurse - BLS - 2023


2nd year PG Orientation(29 Sep 1 - Oct 2022)

Allied Faculty (17 Oct 2022)

Health Care Simulation Week (Oct 2022)

NRP 23 Dec 2022

Anas PG (24 Dec 2022)

Nursing Visit 2022