S. No Principle Investigator Department Email ID Title Amount Date
1 Dr. Deepsheeka. G General Medicine [email protected] A study of prevalence of Cardiac Autonomic Neuropathy in patients with Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy 335981 22.06.2023
2 Dr. Dhivagar. S Psychiatry [email protected] Assessment of psychiatric morbidities and its impact on quality of life, quality of sleep and level of disease control among bronchial asthma patients 357000 12.04.2023
3 Dr. Vidhya. B General Medicine [email protected] A Study of Comparison of Serum Keratin-18 level with Child Pugh’s Score in assessing severity in patients with End Stage Alcoholic Liver Disease 337649 11.04.2023
4 Dr. Subashree. B OBG [email protected] Comparison of sequential treatment of clomiphene citrate and human menopausal gonadotropin(+)intrauterine insemination is superior to clomiphene citrate(+) intrauterine insemination in unexplained infertility – A Randomized control trial 345761 12.04.2023
5 Dr. Manisha Bhaskaran Ophthalmology [email protected] Study of association of meibomian gland dysfunction and its severity with dyslipidemia 349442 11.04.2023
6 Dr. Pavan Kumar. S Orthopaedics [email protected] Short term clinical and radiological outcomes in a patients of distal femur fracture fixed by double plating method among the adult population – A prospective study 336960 12.04.2023
7 Dr. Ramkamal Balachandran General Surgery [email protected] Comparative study between Nanocrystalline silver dressing versus conventional dressings in diabetic foot ulcers – A randomized control trial 340505 10.04.2023
8 Dr. Sruthi General Surgery [email protected] A Hospital based cross sectional study on association of levels of Serum Homocysteine with severity of Peripheral vascular disease 337481 10.04.2023
9 Dr. Hari Harani. K General Surgery [email protected] Clinical and biochemical study of transient or permanent hypocalcemia following thyroid surgery and its correlation with pre operative vitamin D levels 330178 12.04.2023
10 Dr. Amritha. V General Surgery [email protected] Neutrophil lymphocyte ratio as a predictor for complicated appendicitis 341852 17.04.2023
11 Dr. Saranya. S Community Medicine [email protected] Developing and evaluating the care cascade model for diabetes mellitus, systemic hypertension (CcDmsH) and their contributing factors among urban slum population of Villupuram district – A community based sequential exploratory mixed method study 348975 17.04.2023
12 Dr. Parghavi. V Anaesthesiology [email protected] Comparison of safety and efficacy of I-Gel and blockbuster laryngeal mask airway in patients undergoing minor surgical procedures under general anaesthesia – A Randomized control study 331248 08.04.2023
13 Dr. Harish. G Anaesthesiology [email protected] Oral Carbohydrate theraphy 2 hours before surgery to reduce the Post-operative nausea and vomiting (PONV) in patients undergoing laparoscopic surgeries 330027 08.04.2023
14 Dr. Senthilkumar. S Anaesthesiology [email protected] Comparison of ultrasound parameters with clinical parameters of airway assessment in predicting difficult airway in elective surgical patients – An analytical observational study 340760 08.04.2023
15 Dr. Thameem Ahamed. M Anaesthesiology [email protected] Correlation between depth of skin to subarachnoid space in the lumbar region measured using ultrasound and depth of needle insertion – A prospective observational study 346595 08.04.2023
16 Dr. Jayasree. B ENT [email protected] Quality of life assessment and surgical outcomes after elective and emergency tracheostomy 334744 08.04.2023
17 Dr. Rajeswari. R Paediatrics [email protected] Psychological and behavioral impact on children following pediatric intensive care unit admission – A prospective follow-up study 330815 17.04.2023
18 Dr. Aravind Siva. S. R Paediatrics [email protected] A study on comparison between efficacy of levosalbutamol vs ipratropium bromide/levosalbutamol in treatment of acute episode of wheezers below 5 years of age 348830 06.04.2023
19 Dr. Pasham Sindhuja Radio Diagnosis [email protected] Evaluate the role of CT Perfusion in focal liver lesions with pathological correlation 348317 11.04.2023
20 Dr. Dosakayala Amarnadeswar Reddy Radio Diagnosis [email protected] Diagnostic accuracy of Shear wave elastography of renal parenchyma in comparison with estimated Glomerular filtration rate among patients of chronic kidney disease 341337 17.04.2023
21 Dr. Ashmi. R. P Pathology [email protected] Role of Turk’s fluid treated Hematoxylin and Eosin smears in thyroid cytology: A Comparative study 336457 17.04.2023
22 Dr. Akila. T General Medicine [email protected] A study on Comparison of Acute Physiology and Chronic Health Evaluation-IV scoring system with Acute Physiology and Chronic Health Evaluation-II & Simplified Acute Physiology Score-III scoring systems and calculation of Standardized Mortality Rate in Sepsis Patients 345847 13.04.2023
23 Mr. Santhosh Sundarbabu Pharmacology [email protected] Drug utilization patterns of antibiotics and sensitivity patterns of common microorganisms in the Internal Medicine ward and ICU of a tertiary care hospital: A prospective study 335771 12.04.2023
24 Dr. Vijayasankar. P Dermatology [email protected] Dermatosis neglecta: a case series at a tertiary care center in Southern India 345155 06.04.2023
25 Ms. Madhuvarshne. S Community Medicine [email protected] Barriers to patient adherence to tuberculosis treatment using Digital adherence technologies (DATs) – A qualitative study 332924 10.04.2023
26 Ms. Hemavathi Community Medicine [email protected] Risk profile of Diabetes and its associated factors among Group – D workers of tertiary care teaching hospital using Indian Diabetic Risk Score (IDSR) in South India 334531 08.03.2023
27 Dr. Harikrishnan. GR General Medicine [email protected] Study of retrospective analysis of atrial fibrillation risk in patients with premature ventricular contration burden 300000 11.04.2023
28 Mr. Sajeev. L Physiology [email protected] Digital addiction, sympathovagal imbalance and neurophysiologic cognitive assessment using evoked potentials in medical students – a cross sectional study 336659 13.04.2023
29 Dr. Mira Tharani. S Dermatology [email protected] Topical antifungal combination creams available in the pharmacies in Indian Market-a consumer exposure study 343126 06.03.2023
30 Dr. Pravin Coumar. C General Medicine [email protected] A study on platelet to lymphocyte ratio and its correlation with national institute of health stroke scale (NIHSS) to predict severity of acute ischemic stroke in a tertiary care hospital 349598 11.04.2023
31 Dr. Sunil S Shivekar Microbiology [email protected] A retrospective study of association between demographic features of NEET based selected candidate & final outcome in undergraduate medical education 344475 08.04.2023
32 Dr. Arulmozhi. M Community Medicine [email protected] Risk Assessment as an engaging tool for Undergraduates in Family Adoption Programme – A qualitative study in Puducherry 400000 06.04.2023