• State of the art ultramodern Hemodialysis unit with 17 units-Main HD Unit based on New York Lean model with 14 stations
  • State of the art RO plant
  • 1300-1500 dialysis sessions per month.
  • ICU dialysis unit with portable RP plant from a few scattered patients to more than 1000 Haemodialysis sessions per month, we have come a long way especially during last three years. Planning to increase to 1500 -2000 HD sessions per month.
  • Two Separate Satellite /Isolation Dialysis units
  • CRRT-SLED facilities available.
  • Full time Nephrologist Service and backup for both Cold & Hot Nephrology cases
  • Two major projects completed
    1. Preventive nephrology- Pondicherry Rural Kidney Survey Project. (3yr.project)
    2. Survival Analysis in Rural Dialysis population
  • ISN approved World kidney day celebrations for last 5 years during first week of March.
  • Regular Patient & Public interactive sessions –throughout year.

Faculty Name Designation
Dr. P.Ravi Kumar Senior Consultant & Head
Dr.Gavaskar Nephrology Medical Officer
Dr. Devi Nephrology Medical Officer
Dr. Dharini Nephrology Medical Officer
  • Conduction of Regular daily OPD. We cater to both cold and hot nephrology patients.
  • The Haemodialysis units are open from Monday to Saturday round the clock.
  • Emergency dialysis done round the clock as and when a need arises.
  • Inpatient Nephrology care including inpatient dialysis. Treatment of Acute and chronic kidney injury cases, electrolyte conundrums, Acid base problems, congenital and acquired kidney diseases, diabetic nephropathy,nephrolithiasis,hypertensive renal disease,nephritic,nephritic syndromes ,Renal artery stenosis and interstitial nephritis is routinely carried out.
  • Facilities for both Hemodialysis and Peritoneal dialysis.
  • Pre transplant work –up is also done
  • Full time Senior Consultant Nephrologist is available for consultation round the clock. Since inception from last 6 years. Round the clock “Nephrology unit doctors” on call.
  • As we cater to diverse sets of patients inevitably we have started getting Hepatitis C “positive patients and have started an Isolation unit also for “Hepatitis C” positive patients on a separate floor with two dedicated machines and exclusive staff.
  • Infection control-Antibiotic “LOCK” given in the catheter!
  • Ultra-Modern RO plant with stringent RO water standards with SS tank and rigorous controls for infection control in the dialysis unit.
  • We provide emergency dialysis and SLED in the Intensive care unit itself. We have an exclusive machine set aside for the ICU with its own potable water supply system.
  • Presently Total of 17 Hemodialysis state of art HD machines available for patient care.
  • Recently Inaugurated Plush & Sophisticated state of the art 14 station HD unit designed as a New York lean model HDU with standards meeting up to the ministry of health’s envisaged ideal model unit. An IDEAL unit not only from an aesthetic point of view, but also from the patient’s perspective also.
  • Special procedures like invasive central HD catheterization
  • Educational activities: daily classes for interns and PG students,
  • MONTHLY Nephro-Medicine meet with case discussions, seminars and meetings.
  • Urine microscopy demonstration with hands on experience.
  • Metabolic rounds-case scenarios
  • Regular Educational activities for all technicians ,dialysis nurses and other staff

Two major Nephrology projects completed in our institution:

  • Nephro-Community Medicine RURAL SURVEY PROJECT in rural Pondicherry which is a feeding area for us. Survey for kidney disease in 19 villages in and around the Thirubhuvanai area. This Nephrology project finished as a pilot project initially and main study also finished and ready for publication.
  • A Research project looking at Sudden death and Survival analysis in the rural dialysis setting awaiting final analysis and publication.

Faculty Awards: Honours and Career Awards

Distinctions and other Awards:


2009-2012     Cash Award/ Donations for excellence in patient care donated by families of patients at the Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, Toronto, Canada

2006-2008     Donations/Gifts to Sunnybrook Foundation, Toronto, Canada given b patients for Kindness, Compassion, Caring and Spirit

1996     An initial study of Peritoneal Equilibration Test (PET), paper selected for the Tanker Award Session, Feb.1996, Bangalore, India. (DISTINCTION)

1983-1986     R.D.BIRLA SMARAK KOSH ENDOWMENT Merit Scholarship for MD (MEDICINE) Post- Graduate Education (DISTINCTION), Kasturba Medical College, Mangalore, India

1981     Merit Prize, 1st RANK in OPHTHALMOLOGY (DISTICTION)-Gold medal

1980     Merit Prize, 1st RANK in COMMUNITY MEDICINE (DISTINCTION)-Gold medal

1978 -1979     Merit Prize, 1st PRIZE in ANATOMY DRAWING, Anatomical Society of India Award1976 Nandan Editor’s Award for Excellence in English writing

Teaching Award: Received

2005    Teaching Award, National Medical & Dental Conference, Republic of Seychelles, East Africa

CQI Initiatives

  1. Regular clinical and financial audit conducted since last 4 years for maintaining the rigorous standards as per NABH/AAMI guidelines / FDA /CDC infection control guidelines.
  2. Unit Metrics displayed every month.