Departmental Services



The Department of Anatomy offers unprecedented opportunities for the training of MBBS graduate students and MS Anatomy Postgraduate students.

The mission of the Department of Anatomy is to enquire, investigate and communicate in order to achieve excellence in teaching and research.

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The Clinical Biochemistry Laboratory was established in July, 2004. Emergency services were started in May 2007.

Presently, The Department is equipped with an Auto analyser, Semi-auto Analyser, Blood Gas Analyser, Electrolyte analyser and other equipments required to carry out different investigations.

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Community Medicine

We have entered and analyzed survey data of 1800 elderly subjects in Tamil Nadu and Kerala. It was a large community-based survey for evaluation of community-managed palliative care program run by HelpAge, India.

In future, We envision developing this centre for ensuring better technical support to our post-graduate students, medical students and teaching faculties of Sri Manakula Vinayagar Medical College and Hospital.

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Forensic Medicine

The Department has modern amenities with well-planned, spacious and furnished faculty rooms. The departmental office is equipped with computers and broadband internet facility.

Museum is one of the well planned and furnished sections in the department. It contains good collection of wet specimens mounted in glass jars.

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Forensic Medicine

The Department of Microbiology possesses a faculty and training programme that is one of the best in the field.

The Department provides high-quality undergraduate and postgraduate coursework and a breadth of research programmes covering areas of bacteriology, virology, parasitology, mycology, immunology and molecular biology.

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In June 2004 the department of Pathology started functioning with various activities including investigative services, teaching and training of M.B.B.S., students.

The Department has started a graduate research laboratory. In addition, range of various immunohistochemical stains which have been added now help in further making a more specific diagnosis.

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The Department is actively involved in the research projects and the articles are published in the National journals of repute. The staff members of department participate in number of regional and national conferences.

Apart from this the department is providing Information on drugs i.e., uses, contraindications, adverse effects and their interactions to the inquisitive clinicians. The department is involved in the Medical Education and newer techniques and methods are taught to the students.

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The Department of Physiology being one of the three basic pioneer departments of the Sri Manakula Vinayagar Medical College and Hospital had been given the responsibility to impart medical education to the first batch of medical students immediately after the inception of the college in 2005-06.

The Department has come a long way since then, under the guidance of senior experienced faculty members having good teaching and research background.

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