The department of Orthopaedics, Sri Manakula Vinayagar Medical College, Puducherry is one of the premier departments in the field of orthopaedics in this part of the country. It is well equipped to treat various orthopaedic conditions, thus maintaining and improving the musculoskeletal health of the community. The department is well staffed for providing world-class education to the undergraduates and post-graduates. The staffs strive for utmost patient care, research and clinical teaching. Well organised sub-speciality services are also provided by the department by well trained specialists catering to the need of all age groups- from paediatric to geriatric. The faculties besides being excellent clinicians and teachers are good researchers who constantly strive hard to contribute novel concepts and ideas to the orthopaedic world. Sure, a career in Orthopaedics at SMVMCH is an extra-ordinary opportunity.

Prof. Murugan is the Head of the Department. He concentrates on trauma and is specialized in complicated and neglected trauma. Prof. Latchoumibady is in-charge of spine clinic. Spine fracture fixation and discectomy/instrumented fusion are being done routinely. Dr. Manikandan. K is in-charge of arthroplasty clinic. He deals with primary hip and knee as well as revision arthroplasties. Dr. Pragash is in-charge of Arthroscopy and Sports Medicine clinic. He is specialized in arthroscopic ACL/PCL reconstruction and Bankart’s repair. Dr. Uma Anand. K.P is in-charge of the CTEV clinic, deals with congenital deformity correction. Dr. Sathyanarayanan runs the CP/polio clinic and is specialized in deformity correction due to neurological cause.

In addition, the department also maintains the smooth functioning of 24 hour trauma centre. Trauma clinic is conducted on all days. There is a 24 hour trauma service supported blood bank facility, thus emergency cases are attended as 24 hours service by our duty specialists. The operation theatre is equipped with state-of-art facilities like C-arm image intensifier, arthroplasty, arthroscopy and spine instruments. The trauma operating room with sophisticated operating tables and image intensifier facilitate state-of-art fixation of fractures. (The department also supervises the artificial limb centre which provides custom-made orthosis and prosthesis.) Well-equipped physiotherapy and rehabilitation unit with state-of-art facilities come under the supervision of the department.

S.No Name Designation
1 Dr. Murugan. A Professor & Head
2 Dr. Latchoumibady. K Professor
3 Dr. Pragash. M Associate Professor
4 Dr. Uma Anand. K.P Assistant Professor
5 Dr. Kalyan Deepak. S Assistant Professor
6 Dr. Manikandan. K Assistant Professor
7 Dr. Sathyanarayanan. P Senior Resident
8 Dr. Arun S.R Senior Resident
9 Dr. Arun Prasanth. K Senior Resident
10 Dr. Korpu Vengata Ram Kishore Senior Resident
11 Dr. Chetan Chauhan Junior Resident
12 Dr. Terrance. S.J Junior Resident
13 Dr. Arun Chandar. R Junior Resident
14 Dr. Pushparaj. R Junior Resident
15 Dr. Romans. M Junior Resident
16 Dr. Vignesh. R Junior Resident
17 Dr. Akashdeep. A.A Junior Resident
18 Dr. Diderot Paramaguru Junior Resident
19 Dr. Samundeeshwari. S Junior Resident
20 Dr. Sedhuraman. S Junior Resident



Biochemical and pathological tests are done round the clock. In addition, laboratories are available in the side room of each orthopaedic ward for staining techniques.


State-of-art museum with flowcharts, photographs of eminent orthopedicians, bone models and pathological specimen is available at the second floor of hospital building near the faculty room.


Departmental library is located at the second floor near the ortho faculty rooms. The library hosts around 637 books mostly the latest editions of orthopaedic text including reference books along with pre-clinical and Para-clinical texts. A second set of orthopaedic texts with added reference books along with standard journals are available at the central library with good internet facility.

Equipment and instruments

General orthopaedic instruments, spine sets, joint replacement sets, arthroscopy and Ilizarov sets are available adequately to meet the demands of any orthopaedic surgery.


OPD has 5 consultation rooms, 5 examination cubicles, 1 plaster room, 1 treatment room, 2 waiting areas, 1 minor OT and 1 demonstration room. Outpatient clinics function from Monday to Saturday. Special clinics like CTEV clinic, spine clinic function in the Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.


90 beds are available at the general ward in fourth floor of hospital building, separate for male and female patients with demonstration rooms and doctor’s duty room in each ward.


A separate OT complex for orthopaedics is available at C wing first floor of hospital building. The complex hosts 1 receiving room, 1 recovery room and two state-of-art operating rooms. Fracture table with radiolucent top table with fracture reduction accessories and C-arm image intensifier are available in each operating room. The following surgical procedures are being routinely done

  1. Upper limb and lower limb fracture fixation
  2. Pelvis and acetabular fracture fixation
  3. Deformity correction both congenital and acquired
  4. Spine – fracture fixation, discectomy and instrumented fusion
  5. Arthroplasty – knee and hip
  6. Arthroscopy – knee (ACL/PCL reconstruction, meniscal excision/repair) and shoulder (Bankart’s repair)
  7. Tumour excision and reconstruction
  8. Ilizarov fixation
  9. Research laboratory – Available at the college building.
Day Clinics Timing
Daily Fracture Clinic 9.00 a.m to 4:00 pm
Monday Hand Clinic 9.00 a.m to 4:00 pm
Tuesday Spine Clinic 9.00 a.m to 4:00 pm
Wednesday Arthroplasty Clinic 9.00 a.m to 4:00 pm
Thursday CTEV & Peadiatric Ortho 9.00 a.m to 4:00 pm
Saturday Arthroscopy Clinic 9.00 a.m to 1:00 pm

Academic activities – Undergraduate training

Includes both clinical classes and didactic lectures based on the syllabus prescribed by the MCI. The didactic lectures are scheduled weekly on 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th Semester.

Semester Day Time
6th & 7th Semester Monday 08.30am to 09.30am
6th & 7th Semester Saturday 08.30am to 09.30am
8th & 9th Semester Thursday & Saturday 08.30am to 09.30am
8th & 9th Semester 1st ,3rd, 5th Saturday 08.30am to 09.30am

Clinical postings

The clinical postings are as scheduled as follows

Semester Weeks
3rd Semester 4 Weeks
7th Semester 2 Weeks
8th Semester 2 Weeks
9th Semester 2 Weeks

PG training

Postgraduate course has been started from 2012 academic session. At present there are 4 M.S. Ortho seats. The postgraduates have regular clinical discussion, journal clubs and case presentations. Inter-departmental meeting with pathology and radiology departments are being held periodically. Well equipped department library with internet facility can be accessed by the students.

PG Teaching schedule

Week Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
I week Case presentation Journal club Seminar Case presentation Seminar
II week Case presentation Scientific Meeting Seminar Case presentation Surgical Audit
III week Case presentation Journal club Radiology meeting Case presentation Seminar
IV week Case presentation Journal club Death Audit Case presentation Surgical Audit
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University Gold Medals – PG

Name Medal Year
Dr. Manikandan. K Gold 2013
Dr. Prajwal Ganesh Gold 2014
Dr. Kishan Kumar Gold 2015

Rural Camps

Camps are being conducted once in every month in the nearby villages to identify any orthopaedic problem and to educate the society on maintaining the musculoskeletal health. Every Friday Thiruvennainallur Camp. Other rural areas are also covered by the special camps.

Clinical activities

Events Organized By the Department

S.No Date Nature of the Programme Details
1 2008 Conference OASISCON
2 2013 Conference OASISCON
3 25.05.2016 Camp BMD Camp
4 03.08.2016  to 05.08.2016 Day Celebration Bone & Joint day celebration with free surgery for four patients
5 24.08.2016 Camp BMD Camp
6 26.09.2016  to 27.09.2016 Camp Free Uric Acid estimation
7 15.10.2016 Guest Lecture Live demonstration of arthroscopic PCL reconstruction
8 14.11.2016 to 19.11.2016 Week Celebration Arthritis Week Celebration
9 04.12.2016 CME Total Knee Replacement
10 15.02.2018 Guest Lecture World Cancer Week
Best Ortho hospital in puducherry
Best Ortho hospital in Tamil nadu
Best Ortho hospital in india
Year Name Designation Institute Email ID
2013 Dr. Sureshraj. P Assistant Professor Dhanalakshmi Srinivasan Medical College, Perambalur.
Dr. Kumareshwaran. S Assistant Professor SRM Medical College & Hospital, Chennai
2014 Dr. Manikandan. K Assistant Professor SMVMC&H, Pudhucherry,
Dr. Prashanth. P Assistant Professor Sayee Specialty Hospital, Coimbatore.
2015 Dr. Srinivasan. S Assistant Professor GH, Tindivanam.
Dr. Prajwal Ganesh Assistant Professor Rajam Multi Speciality Hospital, Thiruvannamalai.

Testimonial from PG Alumini:

Batch PG Name Testimonial
2014 Batch Dr. Manikandan. K SMVMC & H Orthopaedic department helped me to discover my passion for orthopaedic sugery. My professors’ helped me to achieve my goal to become an orthopaedician. My 3 years post graduation in the department were the best part in my life… they moulded me very well… now I am able to teach under graduates as well as post graduates… I am able to manage all cases with confidence.