Department of Cardiology


The cardiology department provides comprehensive cardiac care round the clock. The department provides evaluation and treatment for coronary artery disease, valvular heart diseases, cardiomyopathies, heart failure and arrhythmias. All diagnostic equipments like echocardiography machines, Holter machines, TMT machines are available. A dedicated Cardiac Catheterisation lab is available for invasive cardiology procedures.

Faculty List

SNo. Name Designation
1 Ashida. T. S. Professor
2 Devan. R. Assistant Professor


Cardiology OPD

The Cardiology Department runs its OPD from Monday through Saturday. In addition follow up of post intervention patients and clinical & Echo follow up of patients with Valvular Heart disease & congenital heart disease is done.



The department is equipped with the following echocardiography machines.

Vivid E95 Ultra Edition 4D cardiovascular ultrasound machine

with facilities for automated Cardiac-Auto-Doppler and 2D-LV measurements, AFI, 4D – Visualization & Quantification

PHILIPS –CX 50 with 3D TEE probe

The services offered are

-Adult,peadiatric and neonatal echoes

-Transesophageal ECHO

-Bedside echocardiogram – for ICU/post op patients.


Stress ECG testing is done for evaluation of coronary artery disease and as a part of preoperative evaluation


for evaluation of tachy/brady arrhythmias


A state of the art Digital Cardiac Catheterization Lab (Philips) is fully operational since 2012 and has been of immense benefit to the patients. More than 3000 diagnostic and interventional procedures have been done. Following services are available in the cathlab-Coronary and peripheral Angiography, PTCA (elective, emergency) Pericardioscentesis, Temporary Pacemaker Implantation ,Permanent pacemaker Implantation, Structural heart disease interventions.

Comprehensive cardiac care is available including CABG & Valve replacement surgeries with the establishment of Cardiothoracic surgery department.


– Tamilnadu Chief Minister Comprehensive Health Insurance Scheme



– Private Insurances

Special Clinics

  • Post Intervention Clinic – Tuesday
  • Heart Failure clinic – Wednesday
  • Valvular Heart Disease clinic – Friday
  • Cardiac Screening Package


  1. Bedside clinics for medicine postgraduates
  2. Post graduates from the Departments of General medicine and Emergency Medicine are posted for a period of one month in the Department of Cardiology. They are trained in detailed evaluation and treatment of all cardiac cases including emergencies. Orientation and Basic Training in Echocardiogram is also done.
  3. Undergraduate students who opt for Cardiology for Elective postings are trained to provide comprehensive care to patients with cardiovascular diseases, interpret ECG, ECHO and also the treatment protocols in common cardiac emergencies.
  4. Guide /Co-Guide for PG dissertations (Medicine, EMS)



The Department of Cardiology organized an Academic Programme for Nursing Students on the Topic Acute MI – Management Perspectives on 12.12.2023.

A total of 32 students attended the Programme Dr. Ashida, Professor & HOD introduced the topic. Dr. Devan, Assistant Professor of Cardiology gave an elaborate talk on Management of STEMI. This was followed by  Discussion & Question & Answer session where students participated actively.

Acute 1 MI

Acute 1 MI

Acute 1 MI

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1. Approach to Congenital Heart Disease
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Dr.Ashida.T.S .M.D, DNB (Cardiology), FESC

  1. (UG)


– Awarded the CERTIFICATE OF HONOUR in FORENSIC MEDICINE for the year 1994.

– Awarded the CERTIFICATE OF HONOUR in OBSTETRICS & GYNAECOLOGY for the year 1995.

  1. Awards (PG)

– Awarded the N. ABDOUL CADER IBRAHIM memorial prize in NEUROLOGY in 2000.

  1. (Super specialty)

– AWARDED Dr. H.S. WASIR GOLD MEDAL IN CARDIOLOGY FOR THE YEAR 2009 by National Board of Examinations New Delhi

  1. Fellowship

FESC-Fellow of European Society of Cardiology


The Department is actively involved in the screening and treatment of people at community level by means of camps conducted at peripheral centres. ECG and Echocardiography are done to identify congenital heart diseases, Rheumatic heart disease, Coronary artery disease. Patients are provided complete treatment free of cost and also under various schemes.

1. 28.01.2018 Virudhachalam 386
2. 25.02.2018 Chengam 420
3. 18.03.2018 Ananthapuram 236
4. 03.06.2018 Thiruvannamalai 120
5. 21.08.2018 Sedharapet 204
6. 09.09.2018 Vikravandi 308
7. 21.10.2018 Kandachipuram 230
8. 20.01.2019 Radhapuram 158
9. 24.02.2019 Villupuram 297
10. 17.03.2019 Thirukkovilur 284
11. 07.07.2019 Thiruvannamalai 239
12. 29.09.2019 Chinna salem 194
13. 19.11.2019 cheyyar 244
14. 15.12.2019 Thellar 319
15. 01.03.2020 Polur 80
16. 02.10.2022 Thiruvannamalai 111
17. 02.04.2023 Villupuram 407
18. 06.08.2023 Thiruvannamalai 115


CPR Training Programme

Organized By : Cardiology Department, SMVMCH
Venue : 4th Floor Conference Hall & Nursing College Ground Floor Class room
Date : 23.01.2024 & 16.03.2024
Time : 10.30 am to 12.30 pm & 10.00 am to 12.00 pm


The department of Cardiology organized a CPR training programme for Nursing Students on 23.01.2024. Total of 33 students attended the programme. Following the lecture training was given to the students using mannequin.

A second session of CPR training programme was conducted on 16.03.2024. 72 students attended the programme. An interactive lecture & hands on training using mannequin was organized. Students participated actively.

Intra Departmental Educational Programme


The Department of Cardiology in association with School of Allied Health Sciences organized a INTRA DEPARTMENTAL EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMME on 13.02.2024. The Programme was attended by III year B.Sc., CLT students, Interns & Cath lab staff.

Total of 29 students attended the programme. Mr. Aakash, Intern, B.Sc., CLT spoke on Pre & Post Evaluation of Cath Lab patients. Ms.  Aswini, spoke on vascular access. Ms. Swathi, spoke on Angiographic views. This was followed by an Educational video on radial angiogram.

Discussion, Question & Answer session was conducted by Dr. Ashida, Professor & HOD, Cardiology & Dr. Devan, Assistant Professor of Cardiology.

intra 2024

Acute MI – Management Perspectives

The Department of Cardiology organized an Academic Programme for Nursing Students on the Topic Acute MI – Management Perspectives on 12.12.2023.

A total of 32 students attended the Programme Dr. Ashida, Professor & HOD introduced the topic. Dr. Devan, Assistant Professor of Cardiology gave an elaborate talk on Management of STEMI. This was followed by Discussion & Question & Answer session where students participated actively.

Cardiology & General Medicine

World Heart Day 2023 Celebration

Theme for This Year: Use Know

World Heart Day Celebration 2023 was organized by Dept. of Cardiology on 29.09.2023.

A CME Programme was conducted and Eminent cardiologists from prestigious Institutions delivered guest lectures on advanced ECG topics Dr. Suresh kumar sukumaran (JIPMER) spoke on Approach to bradyarrhythmias, Dr. B. Sridhar (JIPMER) delivered a lecture on Approach to Tachyarrhythmias, Dr. R. Sakthivel (Dr. Kamatchi Memorial Hospital, Chennai) spoke on Management of Arrhythmias in ER, Dr. Kalaichelvan (MMM, Chennai) delivered a lecture on AMI-Culprit vessel localisation by ECG, Dr. Avinash Anantharaj (JIPMER) spoke on Approach to congenital heart diseases.

Total of 191 delegates attended the CME Programme & TNMC Credit points were given.

Students of AHS organized a patient awareness programme on “Prevention of heart disease” in the hospital courtyard. Poster competition & Quiz competition was conducted based on the theme.

Dr. Ashida Professor of Cardiology delivered the welcome address. There was active participation from the delegates. The programme concluded with prize distribution & vote of thanks by Dr. Devan Asst. Prof. of Cardiology.

  1. A health awareness programme was organised in Rural Health Training Centre SMVMCH- Thiruvennainallur on 22.09.2022 in which Dr. Ashida T.S, Associate Professor of Cardiology gave a health talk on Heart attack- prevention and treatment

Target population: around 50 NCD patients benefitted from the talk The talk focused on the importance of risk factor, screening and modification and early treatment of myocardial infarction. There was active participation from the patients and doubts were cleared

  1. Heart disease screening campaign was organized in SMVMCH courtyard from 26.09.2022 to 30.09.2022

Target population: Patient and patients attending SMVMCH OPD and IP and Hospital Staff Data was collected using a structured proforma. Blood sugar, lipid profile, ECG & ECHO was done at a subsidised rate 10 year/Life time ASCVD risk was calculated and appropriate advice and treatment given Around 45 patients benefitted from programme Post graduate students, senior residents of general medicine screened the patients. All patients had consultation with cardiologist Dr. Ashida.

  1. Health Awareness programme on Coronary Artery Disease (CAD) was conducted in SMVMCH in collaboration with the staff and students of AHS from 28.09.2022 to 09.2022

Charts were used to explain the risk factors for CAD, investigations for CAD and various treatment modalities for CAD. A shot film made by students highlighting hazards of smoking and CVD prevention was displayed for the public. The programme benefitted patients, patient attenders, hospital staff and students.

  1. A guest lecture was organized on 29.09.2022

Target audience- UG & PG medical students, students of AHS nursing staff faculty. Guest Speaker- Dr. M.Chenniappan senior Consultant Cardiologist, Emeritus Professor, Tamilnadu MG.R Medial University, Ramakrishna Medical Centre Trichy. Welcome address and introduction of World Heart Day 2022 Theme was given by Dr. T.S.Ashida Associate Professor of Cardiology Introduction of guest speaker was done by Dr. S.Girija HOD, General Medicine. The session was highly educational and interactive. Vote of thanks was given by Dr. J.Sathiyanarayanan Associate Professor of Medicine.

  1. Poster Competition based on world Heart day 2022 theme was conducted for students of AHS. Students participated actively. The best 2 posters were given prizes by the chief Guest.

Heart disease screening Programme

Total No. of screened Patient : 45

Male: Female : 51:49

71% of Patients were overweight or obese

25% of Patients had diabetes, 37% had Hypertension

14% were current smoker

37% of patients had Abnormal ECG & 20 % had abnormal ECHO findings

On calculating 10 years ASCVD risk, 62.8% belonged to low risk category 5.7% to borderline risk 25.7% to intermediate risk category and 5.7 % in high risk category

Advice on life style modification and appropriate treatment were given to the patients.




Venue : Hospital Basement Auditorium

Patorns : Shri M. Dhanasekaran, Chairman & M.D, SMVE

Shri S.V. Sugumaran, Vice Chairman, SMVE Trust

Shri K. Narayanasamy , Secretary, SMVE Trust

Administration SMVMCH

Dr. D. Rajagovindan, Director. Dr. Kagne. R.N, Dean.

Dr. K. Karthikeyan, Dean (Academic). Dr. Amol Dongre, Dean (Research).

Dr. M. Pragash, Medical Superintendent

Dr. S. Girija, Deputy Medical Superintendent.

Dr. M. Jayasree, Deputy Medical Superintendent.

Organizing Committee

Department of General Medicine & Department of Cardiology SMVMCH.

Programme Schedule

Venue: Hospital Basement Auditorium

Date & Time Programme Incharge / Speaker
30.09.2019 to 05.10.2019 Display of health education programme for patients regarding coronary artery disease Nursing department, SMVNC.
04.10.2019 - 1.30 p.m. to 4.00 p.m.

ECG class for Postgraduates and CRRIs

1. Pretest on ECG – 1.30 to 1.45 p.m.

2. Basics of ECG – 1.50 to 2.20 p.m.

3. Chamber enlargement – 2.20 to 2.40 p.m.

4. Coronary artery disease – 2.40 to 3.10 p.m.

5. Brady & tachy arrhythmias – 3.10 to 3.50 p.m.

6. Post test

Asst. Professor, Medicine

Dr. A.K. Badrinath

Asst. Professor, Medicine

05.10.2019 – 9.30 a.m. to 12.00 p.m.


1. – 9.30 to 10.30 a.m.

2. – 10.30 to 11.30 a.m.

3. Vote of thanks & valedictory function

Chair persons

Chiefs department of Medicine Dr. T.S. Ashida, Consultant cardiologist, SMVMCH.

ECG TEST – PRIZE WINNER Separate for CRRIs and PGs (I & II Prize)

Department of General Medicine

World Heart Day:

With the encouragement and guidance of the management & administration of SMVMCH. The department of general medicine organized on CME on World Heart Day 2019 on 22.10.19. The programme started at 10.00 a.m. with Dr. T.S. Ashida, consultant Cardiologist introduced about World Heart Day & burden of heart diseases in the country. The most talk was by Prof. J. Balachandar , Senior Professor of Cardiology on Hypertension. The next talk way by Dr. Amirtha Ganesh , Professor & Head, Cardiology department MGMC on physiological basis of Approach to CAD. Follow up this lecture there was a case presentation by Medicine PG. Dr. C. Sibi Chakravarthy moderated by Prof. Dr. K. Nagarajan, Prof. Dr. M.K. Uthaya Sankar, Prof. C. Manokaran and
Prof. Dr. J. Balachandran. Following lunch there was ECG class3es for undergraduates and postgraduates.

Topic Time Faculty Name
Basics of ECG 2.00-2.30 Prof. Dr. K.N. Viswanathan Professor of General Medicine, SMVMCH.
Chamber enlargement in ECG 2.30 to 2.50 Prof. Dr. T.S. Ashida Asst. Professor of Cardiology, SMVMCH.
ACS-Localisation in ECG 2.50 to 3.20 Pro. Dr. A.K. Badrinath Professor of General Medicine, SMVMCH.
Tachyarrythmias 3.20 to 3.45 Prof. Dr. S. Girija Professor of General Medicine, SMVMCH.
Bradyarrythmias 3.45 to 4.00 p.m. Dr. S. Suresh Babu Asst. Professor of Medicine, SMVMCH.

The entire programme was attended by 120 members including 30 MBBS (III Semester) students, 60 Postgraduates Medicine, Pediatrics, Pulmonology, Anaesthesia and 30 faculties from various department. The programme was funded by Modi –Mundipharma put limited.

Cardiocon 2018

CARDIOCON 2018 – Conducted SMV-Cardiocon 18 conference along with Dept of Medicine .Around 200 post graduate students attended the conference. Guest lectures were given by eminent speakers on arrhythmias, heart failure and dyslipidemia. A clinical case discussion and a cardiology quiz was also conducted.

  1. Cardiology Camp in SMVMCH as Part of World Heart Day Celebrations .(2014,2015,2016)
  2. Conducted ECG workshop for SIMSCON -2016 along with Dr.RajaSelvaraj Faculty-JIPMER
  3. CADCON 2018 – Organising secretary-Conducted Cardiology Quiz For Postgraduates
  4. Presentations-CAD in Indians-World Heart Day Celebrations-SMVMCH -Heart Disease in Pregnancy- Cardiology CME in SVMCH-Acute Coronary Syndrome-An Update-IMA CME-Heart Failure-Unmet needs-CME –SMVMCH