Dental Specialty clinic is run by a group of expert dental surgeons, each having specialized in a branch that offers personal care and complete satisfaction. The clinic houses state-of-the-art equipment. The latest and highest quality dental materials to help carry out various surgical and restorative techniques, all of which makes a world of difference in diagnosis and treatment.

The department is functioning from the day our institution started in 2004. Fired with the zeal to create world class institutions, this department is serving the needy by providing all kinds of dental treatment. Around 60 to 80 patients receive treatment in the departmental OPD every day.

Name Designation
Dr. Sanjay .P, MDS,DNB,MOMSRCPS (Glasgow) Professor & Head
Dr. Karthick Raghupathy S.R, MDS. Associate Professor
Dr. Ganesh .R, BDS. Tutor
Dr. Geetha. R, BDS. Tutor
Dr. Kiruthika Shriranjani, BDS. Tutor

Our department is well equipped with three dental chairs and two X-ray units.

Dental Treatments Available

  • Extraction of teeth
  • Cleaning of teeth
  • Fillings
  • Pediatric dentistry
  • Emergency dental care

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

The department is rendering superior services in the branch of oral and maxillofacial surgery since 2006.

The team conducts major surgeries covering the following specialized areas:

  • Craniofacial Trauma
  • Cleft lip and palate
  • Oral cancer and other head and neck tumours
  • Orthognathic Surgery
  • Aesthetic Plastic surgeries

Microvascular surgery

We have a special dental clinic enclave in the second floor adjacent to our department. This enclave provides advanced dental procedures with latest equipments and materials with utmost care. The following treatments are available in the special dental clinics.

  • Dentures and Crown & Bridge
  • Root canal Treatment
  • Cosmetic dentistry
  • Emergency dental care
  • Dental Implants
  • Minor oral surgery
  • Computerized digital x-ray(RVG)
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On behalf of the 10th year celebrations, from our dentistry department we conducted a school dental health programme in various government and private schools in and around institution. Our main objective of this programme is to provide comprehensive dental screening and free treatment for under privileged school children surrounding our institution as we all know that dental treatments are very expensive elsewhere. In addition to that, students and parents visiting our department through the programme, can also avail other facilities of our institution.

As per the programme, we got official permission from the director of school education to conduct the programme in both government and private schools in puducherry UT. The faculty members of our department visited the schools and screened the students. An individual card was given to the students for those who require dental treatment and asked those students to visit and avail the treatment with their parents free of cost in our SMVMCH dental department within two weeks. Those who reported with the card were given free treatment.

The various treatment given for the students are

  1. Dental Extractions
  2. Dental Temporary and Permenant Fillings
  3. Preventive Pit and Fissure sealents
  4. Scaling
  5. Dental Xrays
  6. Root Canal Treatment
  7. Crown and Bridges

We got overwhelming response from certain schools and the school teachers were extremely helpful in conducting the screening programme and motivating the parents to awail the treatment.

We like to thank the department of Community medicine for their support for the programme.

We also express our gratitude to our director, deputy director and administrators for their constant inputs in making the programme a success.

We are very grateful to our management for their support in providing expensive dental materials free of cost to the needy school children. We are happy to inform all that our management have consented to extend the programme in the coming years also so that more children will be benefitted in the future. We have a vision to cover all the schools especially government schools in Puducherry UT and also in Villupuram district in the coming years.

The details of the number of students benefitted so far from the programme and the photographs are enclosed below.

The following list of activities organized by the department as part of the tenth year celebrations:

Date Programme School No. of benefited students
14-09-16 School Dental Health Programme Govt. Primary School, K. T. Kuppam 158
Govt. High School, Thirubhuvanai 255
15-09-16 School Dental Health Programme Govt. Primary School, K. T. Kuppam-Pet 27
Govt. Primary School, Madagadipet 74
Govt. Primary School, Nallur 61
30-01-17 School Dental Health Programme Swami Vivekanda Hr. Sec. School 94
31-01-17 Swami Vivekanda Hr. Sec. School 136
08-02-17 School Dental Health Programme Bharatha Devi English High School 213
09-02-17 Bharatha Devi English High School 350
30-03-17 School Dental Health Programme Govt. Hr. Sec. School, Ariyur 268
TOTAL 1636
No. of student came for SMVMCH Dental OPD 295
S. No. Procedure Name No. of procedure done
1 Permenant filling (GIC) 206
2 Pit & Fissure 184
3 Scaling 35
4 Extraction 13
5 RCT 10
6 X-Rays 3
7 Temperory Fillings 3
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Best dental Department in tamilnadu programme
Best dental Department in india programme