“It feels so sweet to have a healthy heartbeat.”

Have you ever tried to experience that feel? Your heart is beating and you are alive. You can breathe! You can reside in the world! You are a part of this living world!

Well, it is something associated with the psychology, isn’t it?

In medical terms, the cardiology is a study and the treatment of the heart. It is a medical terminology that is linked up with any issue regarding heart and arteries. On the flip side, in general terms or through the vision of a common man, the heart keeps on working good, better, and even best.< ,/

It is 2017! A modern era in the technological world… Whether it is the medical field or that of any other, every zone has been confronted with various contemporary inventions that are favorable. And, if we talk about the cardiology, then it is not a cup of tea of a layman. “Cardiology is related to the heart.” It is not enough to get acquainted with cardiology. It is an ocean of medical services that only a cardiologist better knows.

Do you Know?

#FACT 1- As per the latest survey, it has been found that within few years, the number of heart patients has increased.

#FACT 2- India has less number of cardiologists. The figure is still fluctuating. But, it is one of the proven facts.

Don’t gape! Both of these statements are true. And, the primary rationale behind these is the “Fluctuating Lifestyle”.

Well, if you search, you will surely get the trustworthy cardiology services in Pondicherryand other parts of India.

Let us dive deeper to extract more…

Need of Cardiology Services


Day by day, the pollution is increasing at an exponential rate. It is the facile result of the escalation of the carbon emissions and other harmful gases in surroundings.

Mismanaging Lifestyle

On the present unhealthy landscape, the lifestyle of a person is gradually but continuously breaking down. Especially, day-to-day schedule of nine-to-fivers is so much disturbed. The continuous sitting and the consumption of tea & coffee can affect their life a lot.

Adulteration in Cuisine and Food Habits

Along with the continual sitting, the direction towards the health-disturbing junk food is also responsible for the heart problem in a way or the other. Believe it or not, but this food will degrade your health for sure.

Deterioration of Healthy Supplements

The market is infused with the both true and detrimental additives. When a person steps towards buying the medicines or other healthy products, then they expect it to be true. But, the adverse will happen. Some of the medications are proven right, but some are not.

The Bottom Line

In a nutshell, the heart diseases are increasing due to certain conflicting lifestyle and other factors. To cope up with such circumstances, it is necessary to adopt an appropriate and healthy lifestyle along with the great cardiologists.

Besides, if you are the one, who is passionate to make a career in this field, then find the top medical college in India and contribute in eradicating the heart disease from the root.

Looking For A Medical Course In Pondicherry? Things You Must Know!

Article_Looking For A Medical Course In Pondicherry

If you are looking for a Medical Courses in Pondicherry , it is very important to consider the demand for the latest courses and also select the best college so that you can complete the course with ease. You can definitely follow this article to gather help and choose the right college.

Top Demanding Medical Courses

General Medicine

Radio Diagnosis

Pulmonary Medicine

Dermatology Venereology


Forensic Medicine









Traits To Check Before Choosing A College


The college must have a great reputation among the students and the medical institutions. It must be registered and backed by a lush green campus. The college must have a comprehensive set of facilities starting from hostel and accommodation. The rooms must be fully furnished with amenities and the surroundings must be peaceful for students to study and relax easily. The college labs must be fully equipped with latest high-end medical equipment for the student to learn real time surgeries and practice before graduating. If they have chosen a core and specialized subject, they must get infrastructure and opportunities for effective learning purpose.

Experienced College Staff

The college staff must be well educated and should have significant experience in the education background. The lecturers must be doctors to impart the right mix of practical and theoretical education to the students. It helps the students to learn things quickly without checking multiple study books.

Practical Education

If a university of college has a dedicated commercial hospital, it is a great choice as you can learn and see how the senior doctors work and do their surgeries. It helps to learn practical things and then improve it by reading the theory also.

Placement Record

The placement record holds an important key because you want to select the best college which has an impeccable placement record. You can easily opt for a college which has got students getting placed in high-end hospitals and earning a handsome package after completing the course. So, you can choose a college for your graduation or pursue PG Medical Course in Pondicherry if the college provides practical and hands-on opportunities to learn things quickly. It helps to shape up your career and move towards a lucrative and successful medical career with no limitations on growth.

Hope you will consider the above traits the best college for your course!

For more info:- Top Medical College in India

Best Cardiology Services

Article_Best Cardiology Services

Cardiac and heart diseases are spreading its wings across the nation. It’s extremely important to find best cardiology services in Pondicherry and other parts of India based on the facilities and quality of treatment. Every Indian must get a health checkup done once in every six months to ensure they are healthy and doing well. The cardiology department in a hospital must offer personalized and dedicated services to take care of the patient.

They must ensure to also be on the toes for any emergency requirement and help the family to stay relaxed and calm during the treatment.The goal of the treatment is to offer adequate, suitable, and cutting-edge services so that the patient gets suitable attention. The department must have their own OPD and all the machines to quickly run a scan and extract reports. It is very important to have comprehensive Cardiac care services like interventional cardiology, Preventive cardiology services and intensive Cardiac care.

The patients must receive round the clock medical care with clock monitoring facilities, defibrillator and ventilator. The staff and nurses must be agile and well-trained to care for the patients promptly.

Article_Best Cardiology Services

The hospital and the concerned department must offer facilities like Electrocardiogram, 2D-Echocardiography including Colour Doppler study, Pediatric Echocardiography, 24 hour Holter monitoring, and Treadmill test.The cath lab must offer all the major cardiovascular tests and services including Peripheral interventions, Coronary Angioplasty with stenting, Balloon Aortic Valvotomy, Balloon Pulmonary Valvotomy, Temporary Pacemaker Implantation single chamber, Permanent pacemaker Implantation (V &F Dual chamber), Transthoracic Echocardiogram, and other important tests for end-to-end services.

The hospital must recruit doctors from top Medical College in India and Pondicherry to receive hands-on treatment due to their strong education background. The doctor will ensure there are no issues at all in finding the causes and treating the patients with a personalized approach.

Article_Best Cardiology Services

You must verify the credentials of the hospital on Google and also seek advice through your local network in Pondicherry and other parts. If the success ratio of the surgical operations is good, you can go ahead and save the number of the hospital for future or emergency check up> Finally, the institute must be a verified institute which should offer world class services at affordable costs. It must have sound infrastructure and other facilities to help the patients and families so that the patient recovers quickly and get discharged ASAP.

The Popularity of Pondicherry is too much in Case of Medical Field

All the students have a dream to study in a good institution. This means that when you are looking forward for the best educational institution there has to be some research too. This is because only when you take up the research well you will be in the position to get an idea about how you want to carry out things. Many people do not opt for post graduation because they feel that it will cost them too much and so it’s better to drop the idea. But this should not be the case. You need to get access to Top Medical College in india and perhaps this will really help you in knowing how you should go ahead in this regards.

Becoming a doctor is good amount of struggle

If you want to become a doctor then your main aim should be to study in a good college. It really matters the most. If you have good tutors around then that will negate the need for extra classes. So, in that case, it will be important that you realize that how you want o go ahead and check out things. Always carry out deep research as in which college is good and how much fees is there. Depending on all these factors you can take the final decision. So, all you must do is get access to Best Medical College in Pondicherry and enhance your ways to make perfect life.

Why has Pondicherry gained enough popularity as medical hub?

Pondicherry has gained good amount of options as in there are many good hospitals here. You will be able to find good colleges too. There are Cardiology Services in Pondicherry and the level of work is so good that many people all over the world come here for treatment. So, if you want to resume your work over here, you should have the relevant qualifications. Just go ahead and check out what will be the best course for you or best job for you.

If you have already got a degree in medical field and you are looking forward for the leading and useful PG Medical Course in Pondicherry then you should seek the relevant information on the web. This will really give you perfect example of how you want things to be. So, make selection of the best options in life and create the best career ahead. These are some of the smart things you would want to do and that you can cater to the basic requirements in your life.

Medical field is quite tough to pursue

It is important that we pursue the medical field as there is lot of scope. But the problem is that the level of hard work that you have to put in is too much. So, keeping all these things in mind you need to take charge of the right things in life. Take the right decision for your career and create perfect options.

A Peep Into The Medical Education Of Students In Pondicherry

Every student has some dreams for their career, but how many of them get the opportunity to achieve it? Every year thousands of students choose biology as their optional subject with an aim of becoming a doctor. But, they are not aware of the complete process of becoming a successful doctor. Medical is not an easy stream, therefore those students who want to make their career in this field must work hard and dedicate the huge amount of time in their studies. A doctor has to deal with different type of patients according to their knowledge, skills, and kindness. Have you experienced such satisfaction in any other profession? I know the answer will be no.


Doctor not only treats patients with their illness but also provide them emotional strength to get back to the normal life. However, a medical degree is not enough, for being a successful doctor a person need to be specialist either in medicine or in surgery. Apart from this, there are several other fields like Gynecology, Neurosurgery, Cardiology, and Pediatrics. We are here to provide complete information about Medical Courses in Pondicherry.

Different medical specialization courses

Various courses are counted in life sciences in Best Medical College in Pondicherry. Some of them are mentioned below-

  1. Neurosurgery – This is a surgical discipline, which deals with the problems related to the brain, nerves and spinal cord. Here surgeon treats peripheral and central nervous system. A person who is the specialist in this discipline is called Neurosurgeons.
  2. Cardiology – Here disorder of heart is treated. The doctor has to perform angioplasty, bypass and angiography.
  3. Orthopedics – Any disorder in the skeleton is treated under this discipline. Apart from this, fractures and skeleton frame related disorder are also undertaken here. The doctor has to use therapies and suggest the exercise for the patients.
  4. Ophthalmologists – Problem in eyes whether it is related to cornea or retina comes under this discipline. The trained professional carries out the treatment where he performs operations of glaucoma, contaract and other related ailments.
  5. Psychiatry – Here problems related to the mental and emotional behavior of a person is treated.
  6. Medicine – A doctor who has acquired doctor of medicine degree after completion of MBBS comes under this category. He performs clinical test, diagnoses patients for their problems and prescribes medicines.
  7. Pediatrics – Doctors who deal with the health issue of children. The area of functionality of doctor is from the stages of the infant to adolescent.
  8. Pediatrics – Doctors who deal with the health issue of children. The area of functionality of doctor is from the stages of the infant to adolescent.

How many stages are covered in the medical courses?

Three courses are available for aspiring doctors. There is no set hierarchy of this system; a person can go for specialized course directly after entrance exam

  • Basic undergraduate course
  • Post graduation course
  • Specialization course

TIn India, there are four apex bodies, which conduct medical entrance exams for the students. These are DCI, PCI, MCI, and NAT. Any student who wants to become a doctor must clear any of the stated entrance exam organized by regulating bodies.

Medical Education Of Students In Pondicherry

Are you looking forward to a right career alternative? If yes, then you are not alone in this quest, every student has to pass this stage of dilemma after completing 10th or 12th standard.

If we talk about the most paying alternatives then this list is already sorted. Medical, Management, Chartered Accountancy and Engineering are the only available handful options in this category. Among this short list, the medical profession is the most privileged and reputed.


The art of medicine is the art of serving the mankind.

Medicine is the important part of the life, that can’t be ignored. Opting this as a career alternative not only provides job satisfaction but also financial stability. Numerous medical institutions in our country are performing tremendously well in this field.

Medicine is a vast subject that includes various streams. Now, is this a time for another tough decision? No, the selection of perfect medical stream highly depends upon the position of a student in the merit list. The better marks in the exams accelerate the probability of getting the good medical stream.


Why Indian medical colleges consider best in the world?

From ancient period to current days, medical education has the prominent place in the Indian education system. Every year thousands of ambitious students apply for the entrance exams of the medical colleges.

After these exams only top ranking, bright students get a chance of being a part of the medical institution. Therefore, it wouldn’t be unfair to call India a great manufacture unit of doctors where the quality of raw material is also very high.

Medical Council of India is the controlling authority over these medical colleges, which supervise the education standards of these colleges. If any negligence detected in the education system, then the license of that medical college will be terminated for the lifetime.

What are the eligibility criteria for admission?

The eligibility of entrance of every medical college is almost same. For achieving, the admission in the undergraduate program a student must have 50% marks in higher secondary school. As per new regulations, students need to appear for National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test (NEET Exam). Students need to score at least 107 mark to be eligible to study medicine. For OC community, they need a minimum score of 131.

Besides, Biology, chemistry, and physics must be the compulsory subjects in it. MBBS is the degree course that is pursued at the undergraduate level while MD and MS are the post graduation courses. ENT, Gynecology, Pathology, Orthopedics, General medicine etc are the specializations courses under PG Medical Course in Pondicherry.

Way of Entering In the Medical Profession

If we talk about the perspective of the student then MBBS is the key to start your medical journey. However, for achieving this key a student has to perform smart in the entrance examination.

As we, all know limited seats are available in all medical colleges across the nation, therefore; cracking this examination is a difficult task. The authorities that conduct this examination are mainly AIIMS AIPMT, AIPVT, AFMC, NEET and AIPGDET. In past few years, national eligibility entrance exam has gained popularity in students.

As per the order of the Honorable Supreme Court, National Eligibility and Entrance Test is the single medical exam across the country for taking the admission in dental and medical in the Top Medical College in Pondicherry. 15% seats in the government and private medical colleges are reserved for the admissions through NEET.