Medical Education Unit


  • To evolve into a globally recognized center of excellence in Medical Education


To continuously upgrade the quality of Medical Education by

  • Adopting and updating with the emerging curricular trends
  • Developing globally eminent faculty in Medical Education by enhancing capacity-building
  • Cultivating the usage of innovative, student-centric Teaching-Learning methods by promoting Medical educational research
  • Integrating Technology into Medical Education
  • Promoting national and international collaborations for enlightening the educational process
  • Orienting undergraduate & postgraduate students to the Curriculum, Skills, Ethics and Professionalism

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  • To organize periodic faculty development programs, for training the faculty with the updates in the medical curriculum including CBME
  • To motivate faculty to pursue fellowships/PhD in Medical Education
  • To organize Revised Basic Course Workshop in Medical Education & AETCOM and Curriculum Implementation Support Program with the guidance from the Nodal/Regional center
  • To orient and train the faculty with the implementation of student-centric innovative teaching learning methods
  • To organize workshops that enhance e-learning and integration of technology into medical education
  • To increase the visibility and scope through national/international collaborations
  • To organize state/national/international conferences that enlighten the medical education process
  • To sensitize the undergraduates and postgraduates to curricular trends, research methodologies, skill acquisition, inculcating ethics and professionalism through Orientation programs
  • To own a medical education journal of MEU.

List of events organized by MEU in the Year 2021

S.No Name of the Event Date Number of Days Timing Venue Number of Participants Resource Faculty (Internal/External)
Faculty Development Program
1 Faculty Development Program on “Simulation Based Medical Education” 02.02.2021 1 hour 2.15 PM – 3.15 PM Basement Lecture Hall, Hospital Block 65 Dr. Dinker Pai, Professor of Surgery and Director, Simulation center, MGMC&RI
2 Workshop on “Learning Management System” 15.02.2021 Half day 9.30 AM – 1.00PM Digital Lab 27 Dr.K.Soundariya Dr.Udhayasankar Dr.Suresh Dr.V.Deepika Mr.Raja Badmanaudaine
3 Workshop on “Assessment in Medical Education” 17.02.2021 1 day 9.00 AM to 3.45 PM MEU Hall 14 Dr.K.Karthikeyan Dr.G.Kalaiselvan Dr.M.Jayasree Dr.K.Soundariya
4 Revised Basic Course Workshop in Medical Education 16.03.21 to 18.03.21 3 days 8.30 AM to 4.30 PM Own Book Reading Hall in First Floor 28 Dr.T.Mahalakshmy Observer from JIPMER
5 Workshop on “Blueprinting in Assessment” & Hands on training on “Competency Mapping” 07.04.2021 Half day 09.00 AM to 1.30 PM MEU Hall 25 Dr.K.Soundariya Dr.V.Deepika
6 Workshop on “How to open a you tube channel” 18.06.21 1 hour 1.00 – 2.00 PM Digital Lab 25 Mr.Balakrishna Pai.R
7 Workshop on “Mentoring” 28.06.21 3 hours 9.30 AM – 12.30 PM Online, MEU Hall 29 Mr.Anand.K.M

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