List of participants participated in “Revised Basic Course Workshop in Medical Education” between 7th – 9th April, 2022

S No. Name of Participant Designation & Department
1 Dr. K. Jawahar Assistant Professor/ Department of General Surgery
2 Dr. Sunil.S. Shivekar Associate Professor,Department of Microbiology
3 Dr.Srinivasan. R Assistant Professor, Department of Anaesthesia
4 Dr.Dilip Chandar.D Associate Professor, Anaesthesiology
5 Dr.Maharaja. P. Associate Professor, General Surgery
6 Dr.Mohamed Rafi Kathar Hussain Assistant Professor,Radio Diagnosis
7 Dr.Probin Joseph Assistant Professor, Orthopaedics
8 Dr.Revathi.G Assistant Professor, Pathology
9 Dr.Vijayasankar. P Assistant Professor, Dermatology
10 Dr.Kadhiravan. E Assistant Professor, Nephrology
11 Dr.Radha.S Assistant Professor, Microbiology
12 Dr. Vigneswaramoorthi. V. Assistant Professor, Pathology
13 Dr.Arulmozhi.M Assistant Professor, Community Medicine
14 Dr.Anand A M Associate Professor, Department of Radiodiagnosis
15 Dr.Dinesh Babu.D Professor, Anaesthesiology
16 Dr. S. Srivani Professor/ Department of Pathology
17 Dr. R. Gopal Professor & Head, Department of Microbiology
18 Dr. A. Arul Kumaran Professor/ Department of Paediatrics
19 Dr. T. Bharath Kumar Professor and Head, Department of Paediatrics
20 Dr. G.V. Manoharan Professor and Head, Department of General Surgery
21 Dr.J.Hemilda Periyanayaki Assistant Professor, Department of General Surgery
22 Dr. Badrinath.A.K Professor, Department of General Medicine
23 Dr. Nivedita.K  Professor, Department of OBG
24 Dr Arun S  Professor and HOD, Department of Psychiatry
25 Dr.Suneeth P Lazarus Professor & Head, Department of Anaesthesiology
26 Dr.Ramya.N Associate Professor, Department of Anaesthesiology
27 Mr. Balakrishna Pai.R Assistant Professor, Department of Biochemistry
28 Dr.Pragash. M. Professor , Department of Orthopaedics