The Department of Microbiology has a well established clinical and research laboratory. The Clinical Microbiology Laboratory functions round the clock on all the seven days of the week. The department has facilities for bacterial, fungal and mycobacterial culture and a variety of serology/immunology tests including IFA and blot assay for ANA, Hepatitis B markers, serum IgE in addition to serology for common infectious diseases. The department has a well established museum.

Name Designation
Dr. R. Gopal Professor & Head
Dr. T. Mangaiyarkarasi Associate Professor
Dr. S. Sunil Shivekar Associate Professor
Dr. R. Udhaya sankar Assistant Professor
Dr. Nagma Rafi Tutor
Dr. H. Avinash Rajan Tutor

The Department offers laboratory services of Bacterial, Fungal and Mycobacterial culture along with routine and special serology and immunology. A well equipped research lab is also attached to the department.

Undergraduate training

Includes periodic seminars and tutorials based on the syllabus prescribed by the MCI, in addition to didactic lectures and monthly internal assessments.

Post Graduate training

Training of Postgraduates is an important part of departmental activities. The teaching activities include seminars, journal clubs and case reports. Monthly assessment tests are also conducted.

Articles published from the department

  • Vani G, Mangaiyarkarasi T, Gopal R. Fatal Klebsiella pneumoniae meningitis in a patient with diabetes mellitus and Hansen’s disease. Indian J Pathol Microbiol 2014;57:139-40.
  • Jeyakumari D, Sneha Jaberlin AJ, Gopal R. Study of the base line widal titres among healthy individuals of rural population in Puducherry. Int J Med Res Sci 2015;4(2):322-26.
  • Sageerabanoo S, Malini A, Mangaiyarkarasi T, Hemalatha G. Phenotypic detection of extended spectrum β lactamase and Amp C β lactanase producing clinical isolates in a Tertiary Care Hospital: a preliminary study. Journal of Natural Science, Biology & Medicine July 2015;6(2):383-7.
  • Saleem M, Shivekar S, Gopal R. Clinino laboratory profile of scrub typhus at a rural tertiary care hospital in South India. Int J Cur Res Rev 2015;7(10).
  • Saleem M, Marudavanan R, Gopal R, Sunil S, Mangaiyarkarasi T. A comparative study of rapid urease test and dilute carbol fuchsin staining technique for diagnosis of helicobacter pylori infection. Int J Med Res Sci 2015;10:721.
  • Roshna A, Gopal R, Saleem M. Prevalence of pulmonary tuberculosis and HIV co-infection- a hospital based study at Puducherry. Indian J Microbiol Res 2015;2(2):120-5.
  • Girija S, Gopal R, Saleem M. ESCHAR- a diagnostic clue to scrub typhus. International Journal of Medical Microbiology & Tropical diseases 2015;1(1).
  • Saleem M, Subha T.V, Balamurugan R, Kaviraj M, Gopal R. Bacterial profile and antimicrobial susceptibility pattern of SSI – a retrospective study. Indian Journal of Applied research Oct 2015;5(10).
  • Gopal R, Saleem M, Sunil S, Mangaiyarkarasi T, Krishnapriya J. Control of mosquito – a pilot study. Int journal of applied research 2015;1(13):140-1.
  • Ananthamurugan E, Saleem M, Gopal R, Sunil S, Kaviraj M, Balamurugan R. Prevalence of helicobacter pylori infection in patients with atrophic gastritis and role of dark field microscopy in diagnosis. Journal of Evolution of Medical and Dental Sciences Nov 2015;4(93):1.
  • Balamurugan R, Gopal R, Saleem M, Kaviraj M, Sunil S, Mangaiyarkarasi T. Prevalence of Hepatitis B surface antigen among patients attending a rural teaching hospital at Puducherry. Indian Journal Microbiol Res 2016;3(1):74-6.
  • Saleem M, Gopal R, Sunil S, Mangaiyarkarasi T. Scrub typhus and dengue co-infection among patients attending a tertiary care hospital at Puducherry. Indian Journal Microbiol Res 2016;3(2):147-8.
  • Balamurugan R, Saleem M, Gopal R, Kaviraj M, Mangaiyarkarasi T, Sunil S, Kalaiselvan G. Prevalence of HIV seropositivity among the patients attending tertiary care hospital at Puducherry. International Journal research in Medical sciences July 2016;4(7).

The following CME/ workshops were conducted by the department of Microbiology where senior professors/ consultants in the specialty shared their knowledge and experience. There were sessions where post graduate students exhibited their research work in the form of oral/ poster presentations.

S. No. Date Nature of program Programme
1 08.02.2014 Workshop WHONET
2 23.01.2015 CME Microbial infections – an update
3 10.07.2015- 11.07.2015 Workshop & conference Molecular techniques in Microbiology
4 24.06.2016 Conference Emerging Microbial Infections – an update
5 27.08.2016 Conference Organ transplantations
6 11.08.2018 CME & Workshop ANA Diagnostics- IIFA
7 27.07.2017- 29.07.2017 Day celebration World hepatitis day
  1. Workshop on “WHONET” , a software exclusively for Microbiology laboratory conducted on 8th February, 2014.
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Year Name Email Id
2011-2014 Dr. A. Priyadarshini
2012-2015 Dr. Vani
2013-2016 Dr. Krishnapriya
2014-2017 Dr. Roshna