Teaching the complex frameworks to the current generation students with the implementation of Competency-Based Medical Education (CBME) has become a challenging task. Development of digital technology in educational field during COVID-19 pandemic has made medical educators to modify their teaching learning strategies from traditional to blended mode. This review offers tips to embrace the three major challenges namely, generational diversity with active learning strategies, technological growth with blended learning, and strategies to implement curricular changes in Medical education. Adult learning principles involve active learning as a crux component. Various simple active teaching strategies that can be adapted for large and small group teaching has been highlighted. Blended learning is characterized by self-paced learning, face-face training sessions with online collaborative learning. Simple ways to incorporate the blended mode of teaching strategies with the usage of virtual platforms and Learning Management System (LMS) are described. Further, this correspondence also unlocks the nuances that will help to adapt to the various curriculum changes brought by the implementation of CBME. With the appropriate mindset, medical educators can turn these challenges into opportunities and make teaching learning a better experience.