UG – Department of Forensic Medicine

Generic outcome

To produce a physician who is well informed about medico legal responsibilities in practice of medicine. He/she will also be capable of making observations and inferring conclusions by logical deductions to set enquiries on the right track in civil/criminal matters and connected medico legal problems. He/She acquires knowledge of law in relation to medical practice, medical negligence and respect for codes of medical ethics.

Program Specific Outcome

1. Understanding of medico-legal responsibilities of physicians in primary and secondary care settings.

2. Understanding of the rational approach to the investigation of crime, based on scientific and legal principles

3. Ability to manage medical and legal issues in case of poisoning / overdose.

4. Understanding the medico-legal framework of medical practice and medical negligence.

5. Understanding of codes of conduct and medical ethics.

PG – (M.D) Department of Forensic Medicine

A post graduate student, upon successfully qualifying in the M.D (Forensic Medicine) examination, should be able to

1. Become an expert in Forensic Medicine.

2. Identify and define medico-legal problems as they emerge in the community and work to resolve such problems by planning, implementing, evaluating and modulating Medico- legal services.

3. Undertake medico-legal responsibilities and discharge medico-legal duties in required settings.

4. Keep abreast with all recent developments and emerging trends in Forensic Medicine, Medical Ethics and the law.

5. Deal with general principles and practical problems related to forensic, clinical, emergency, environmental, medico-legal and occupational aspects of toxicology.

6. Deal with medico-legal aspects of Psychiatry, mental health and drug addiction.

7. Impart education in Forensic Medicine and Toxicology to under-graduate and post- graduate students with the help of modern teaching aids.

8. Assess the students’ knowledge and skills in the subject of Forensic Medicine.

9. Oriented to research methodology and conduct of research in the subject.