TITLE: A (pseudo)outbreak of an unusual pathogen.

AUTHORS: DR.S.Nivetha(2ndyr PG), DR.R.Gopal(HOD),


Dr.S.Sunilshivekar(Assoc prof),DR.S.Radha(AP)


Chromobacteriumviolaceum is an environmental gram-negative saprophytic bacterium that rarely causes disease in humans but carries a high fatality rate when it does.Infection with Chromobacteriumviolaceum often occurs in a recreation or work environment whereany part of the human body can serve as an inoculation site. We describe the pseudo-outbreak of Chromobacteriumviolaceum associated with construction work in Emergency department of our hospital. During this period, we reported growth of Chromobacteriumviolaceum in 21 blood culture specimens. After infection control measures, no positive cultures were reported.


Frequent environmental surveillance during construction activities and strict infection control measures should be enforced to prevent a nosocomial outbreak and to identify the pseudo-outbreak which can lead to unnecessary use of antibiotics.

A high index of suspicion and appropriate treatment can prevent morbidity and mortality associated with the disease.