Dr.Gomathi1, Dr.Krishna Prabu2, Dr. Balasubramanian2, Dr Suneeth P Lazarus2
⦁ Post graduate, 2 – Professor


Anesthetic management for pediatriclung resection surgery include preoperative evaluation, perioperative preparations and postoperative management. General anesthesia including lung isolation technique has become essential for optimizing visualization of the operative lung.Lung-protective ventilatory strategies during one lung ventilation should be achieved.


A 12 year old male, came with complaints of deformity in right side of the chest, breathlessness for 17 days. History of cough with expectoration, fever, loss of appetite for 12 days. CECT Thorax- Right lung showed consolidation with organised empyema and significant loss of volume of right hemithorax. Patient was taken under general anesthesia with one lung isolation technique. Peri-operative concerns for lung isolation technique was taken into consideration and proceeded for surgery.


Preoperative evaluation, intraoperative and postoperative managementare crucial elements in lung resection surgeries.As an anethesiologist it is mandatory to have a versatile knowledge of the concerns in lung resection surgeries and a combined team effort is mandatory for the best outcome of the patient.