Introduction :

Eruptive xanthomas are benign lesions occurring due to localized deposition of lipids in dermis caused by elevated serum triglycerides and uncontrolled diabetes. It presents as early manifestation of systemic disease.

Case report:

A 46-year-old female presented with raised lesions over the bilateral upper and lower limb, posterior trunk for 2 months. Medical history revealed poorly controlled diabetes, hypertension, hypertriglyceridemia which was not managed. Family history is not contributory. Examination showed multiple small whitish to yellow coloured papules over the extensor surface of bilateral arms and thighs, back, gluteal region. Lipaemic appearance of blood was seen. Lab investigation revealed triglyceride level of >1000 mg/dl, total cholesterol- 469 mg/dl, FBS- 266 mg/dl, PPBS- 472mg/dl. A skin biopsy was done. Histopathology showed a collection of lipid laden foamy macrophages in the superficial dermis. Based on clinical, histopathological, and laboratory finings, a diagnosis of eruptive xanthoma was made. The patient was treated for dyslipidemia, diabetes.


Eruptive xanthoma is a cutaneous marker of hypertriglyceridemia. Early identification of eruptive xanthoma and awareness about its association with dyslipidemia and uncontrolled diabetes can help physicians in prevention of serious systemic complications.