Program Specific outcomes

  1. Practice history taking, physical examination and procedural skills to become compassionate clinician
  2. Develop skills to function as effective interprofessional team member and leader
  3. Modify and refine existing skills, acquire new skills to become lifelong learner
  4. Demonstrate professionalism by recognizing and managing ethical and professional conflicts
  5. Communicate with patients, families, colleagues and community respectfully and effectively

The simulation centre is located in the third floor of college building with total area of 872sq.m.The simulation centre encompasses a wide range of facilities to teach and train both undergraduate and post graduate students. This centre is designed not only to meet the needs of students but also has facilities to conduct live workshops and conferences. The centre can also be used for conducting OSCE exams for students. The simulation ICU and operation theatre are designed to train postgraduates in various competencies. The rooms are fully equipped with hospital beds, exam tables, monitors, IV poles, defibrillators, blood pressure cuffs, simulated oxygen ports and all equipments & supplies required to respond to medical and nursing interventions, including emergencies. The centre offers simulated experiential learning via task training & high fidelity scenarios using patient manikins & trained medical actors