Title of the study:

Experiential Learning by Undergraduate Medical Students on “Short video preparation” during Coronavirus Lockdown Period


It is reported that as medical students progress through their courses, they demonstrate a decline in basic science knowledge that plays a crux role in their learning process. So, an initiative was taken targeting towards the higher level of Bloom’s taxonomy (create) by organizing short video preparation event on physiological concepts.


To evaluate the “short video preparation activity” in Physiology concepts from student perspectives.


All 150 students of the Competency based medical education (CBME) batch were divided into 5 groups with one faculty as instructor. Students were required to develop e-content in the form of a video that wasposted in the Learning Management System. Feedback and experiences were collectedthrough a pre-designed Likert scale questionnaire, Kirkpatrick model 1.Open-ended questions were also administered.The quantitative data was analyzed using open Epi info version 7.0. The manual content analysis was done for the open-ended questions.


85% of the students perceived that they have understood the chosen physiological concept in a better way; 75% students perceived that this method of learning gave them an opportunity to explore the topic in detail and 79% of the students agreed to recommend this method of learning for thefuture batches. Other suggestions include: the time duration for preparation could be increased, collaborative or team presentations could be encouraged, uniform topic could be given.


The study provided us an insight about the student’s experience on creating videos and helped us to develop a strategy to enhance teaching learning process.