PRESENTER – Dr. Muhamed Raffath A K, MODERATOR – Dr. Probin Joseph



Fracture healing is a unique form of wound healing with complex and exciting biology. Literature and textbooks suggest vast methods to enhance and favour bone healing. Teriparatide, the recombinant parathyroid hormone preparation, has been proposed to treat fracture healing due to its osteoblastic activity. This study was conducted to assess the functional outcome of teriparatide injection in fracture healing of diaphyseal fractures with delayed union.


The study was conducted on 21 patients with delayed union of diaphyseal fracture based on the inclusion and exclusion criteria at SMVMCH hospital, Puducherry, from February 2020 to October 2021. All patients were treated with 20mcg of Teriparatide injection subcutaneously daily. The injection was given for 2 to 3 months, depending on fracture type and progression to a radiological union. Fracture was considered united if three out of four cortical unions were present. Functional outcome was assessed with the radiological union and visual analog score on mobilisation.


Out of 21 cases, 18 had signs of union with callus formation and cortical bridging, significantly reducing visual analogue score on mobilisation. Smoking has a significant adverse effect on fracture healing, even when supplemented with recombinant parathormone.