Dr.Karthik S Bhandary
Presenting Author:
DR.Karthik S Bhandary
Institution Affliation:
Assistant Professor,Department of general surgery ,SMVMCH,Puducherry.
To Know usefulness of Usg guided hydrostatic reduction in Intussusception.


  1. To study the common symptoms in presentation of intussusception
  2. To study the success rate of hydrostatic reduction.
  3. To Study the presence of a lead point pathology in older children.
  4. To study the obstacles during the procedure


This is cross sectional study was performed with data for a period of 60 months on 52 cases with newly diagnosed as intussusception evaluated clinically and radiologically.


In this study,Intermittentcrampy pain was the commonest presentation.Success rate is 84 percent ,44 cases of intussusception-Successful Ultrasound guided hydrostatic reduction done. In 8 cases of intussusception-Laparotomy donedue to unsuccessful Usg guided hydrostatic reductionout of which 4 cases had ileoieal intussusception with polyp as lead point.other 4 cases had ileocolic intussusception with meckels diverticulum in 2 cases and polyp in 2 cases
2case hemicolectomy.1 case of limited resection and another 1 case of digital reduction. Obstacles during the procedure were non filling of colon by saline,foleys being pushed out of anus , incomplete reduction, foleys bulb not able to be deflated.