UG – Department of Community-Medicine

Generic outcome

To prepare the student to function in community and first level physician in accordance with institutional goal.

Program Specific Outcome

1. Understanding of the concept of health and disease.

2. Understanding of demography, population dynamics and disease burden in National and global conduct.

3. Comprehension of principles of health economics and hospital management.

4. Understanding of physical ,social, psychological, economic and environmental determinants of health and disease.

5. Ability to recognize and manage common health problems including physical, emotional and social aspects at individual family and community level in the context of National Health Programs.

6. Ability to recognize, investigate, report, plan and manage community health problems and emergencies.

PG – (M.D) Department of Community-Medicine

1. To create a skilled cadre of medical professionals having expertise in leadership and application of principles of Public Health, Community Medicine and applied epidemiology, contributing meaningfully in formulating National Health Policies & Programmes with a systems approach for overall human development.

2. To standardize the teaching & training approaches at post- graduate level, for Community Medicine.

3. To formulate research questions, do literature search, conduct study with an appropriate study design and study tool; conduct data collection and management, data analysis and report.