UG – Department of Microbiology

Generic outcome

To provide an understanding of the natural history of infectious disease in order to deal with the etiology, pathologenesis, laboratory diagnosis , treatment and control of the infections in the community.

Program Specific Outcome

1. Understanding the role of microbial agents in health and disease.

2. Understanding of the immunological mechanisms in health and disease.

3. Ability to correlate the natural history, mechanisms and clinical manifestations of infectious diseases as they relate to the properties of microbial agents.

4. Knowledge of the principles and the application of infection control measures.

5. An understanding of the basis of choice of laboratory diagnostic tests and their interpretation.

PG – (M.D) Department of Microbiology

A post graduate student upon successfully qualifying in the MD (Microbiology) examination should be able to

1. Demonstrate competence as a clinical microbiologist .

2. Interact effectively with the allied departments by rendering services in basic as well as advanced laboratory investigations.

3. Demonstrate application of microbiology in a variety of clinical settings to solve diagnostic and therapeutic problems along with preventive measures.

4. Play a pivotal role in hospital infection control, including formulation of antibiotic policy and management of biomedical waste.