UG – Department of Pharmacology

Generic outcome

To inculcate a rational and scientific basis of therapeutics

Program Specific Outcome

1. Knowing about essential and commonly used drugs and an understanding of the pharmacologic basis of therapeutics.

2. Ability to select and prescribe medicines based on clinical condition and the pharmacologic properties, efficacy, safety, suitability and cost of medicines for common clinical conditions.

3. Knowledge of pharmaco – vigilance, essential drug concept and list, sources of drug information and industry – doctor relationships.

PG – (M.D) Department of Pharmacology

At the end of the MD training programme in Pharmacology, the student should acquire competencies in the following areas:

1. The student should be able to explain clearly concepts and principles of Pharmacology and therapeutics.

2. The student should also be able to explain the drug development processes. S/he should be able to explain Drugs and Cosmetics Act, in addition to clinical trial procedures.

3. The student should be able to effectively teach undergraduate students in medicine (MBBS) and allied health science courses (Dentistry and Nursing) so they become competent healthcare professionals and able to contribute to training of postgraduate trainees.

4. The student should be able to carry out a research project (both basic and clinical) from planning to publication and be able to pursue academic interests and continue life-long learning to become more experienced in all the above areas.