Pathology published article links

S.No. Year Name of the article Web link
1 2018 Balasubrahmaniyam Priya, T.B. Uma Devi , Karthikeyan K , Mourouguessine Vimal. Comparative Study of Histopathological Patterns and Mast Cells in Cutaneous Lichen Planus and Lichenoid Lesions. Annals of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine 2018
2 2018 Avishesh Kumar Singh, T.B.Uma Devi, N Gandhi, Vimal M. Study of Proportion of Anemia and Variation of Hematological Parameters in Pregnancy.. Journal of Medical Science And clinical Research 2018
3 2018 Neha Sikdar, V. Sriram, Erli Amel Ivan. Cytological and Histopathological Correlation of Salivary Gland Lesions.. Journal of Medical Science And clinical Research 2018
4 2018 Ekta Pandey, Dr Kalaivani Selvi, Dr T. B. Uma Devi, Dr P. R. Shivaji.. A study of Broncheoalveolar lavage (BAL) in diagnosis of respiratory disease in tertiary care hospital. Journal of medical sciences and clinical research 2018
5 2018 Dr.Ekta pandey, Dr. Kalaivani. A rare case report of pure squamous cell carcinoma of urinary bladder.. Journal of medical sciences and clinical research 2018
6 2018 Siva K ,Ramya G . “A study to determine the diagnostic accuracy of endometrial aspiration cytology with Histopathological correlation at rural tertiary health care hospital” Annals of pathology and laboratory medicine; Volume 08, Issue 11, November 2018 page;916-922.
7 2018 Nivethiyasree J ,Ramya G ,Erli Amel Ivan .“Histomorphological evaluation of lichen planus in a rural population “ A retrorespective hospital based study”; Indain journal of pathology; Research and practice; Volume 7, Issue 8, August 2018, Pages 935-943
8 2018 Ramya G,Nitya S, Ilampariti . Knowledge, attitude and awareness of cervical screening and HPV vaccination among MBBS students in a tertiary care hospital Puducherry. Annals of pathology and laboratory medicine; Volume 05, Issue 06, June 2018 page;515-520.
9 2018 Sriram V ,Ramya G ,. “Critical evaluation of haematological parameters before and after transfusion of packed red cells” Indian journal of pathology; Research and practice;Volume 07, Issue 04, April 2018 page;555-561.
10 2018 Ramya G ,Sriram V . “Histopathological evaluation of tumors and cyst of the epidermis and dermal adnexae in a tertiary care hospital” Annals of pathology and laboratory medicine;Volume5, Issue05, May 2018, Page533-539.
11 2018 Kalaivani S .Role of Immunohistochemistry in acute leukemia with mycloneosis, Indian journal of Heamatology and blood transfusion. 2018: 34; 643-647.
12 2018 Ekta pandey , Kalaivani S .A rare case report of pure squamous cell carcinoma of urinary bladder Journal of medical sciences and clinical research-2018:06; 975-977.
13 2017 Sarita Singh, Umadevi T B, Erli Amel Ivan,Sriram V. Study of Fine needle aspiration cytology of thyroid lesions.JMSCR IGM publication.
14 2017 Sowmya Devi A , Umadevi T B, Erli Amel Ivan, Ramya G. Study of haematological parameters in patients with Diabetic retinopathy. International journal of recent trends in science and technology- IJRTSAT.
15 2017 Shraddha karn, Umadevi T B, Erli Amel Ivan, Ramya G. Cytomorphological analysis of synovial fluid in a tertiary care hospital.JMSCR 14M Publication.
16 2017 Kannan B, Ivan EA. Prevalence of anemia among female medical students and its correlation with menstrual abnormalities and nutritional habits. Int J Reprod Contracept Obstet Gynecol 2017;6:2241-5.
17 2017 Vimal M, Nishanthi A. Food eponyms in Pathology. Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research. 2017 Aug, Vol-11(8):1-6.
18 2017 Vimal M, Chacko MP, Basu G, Daniel D. Correlation of pretransplant donor-specific antibody assay using Luminexcrossmatch with graft outcome in renal transplant patients.Indian J Nephrol. 2017 Sep-Oct; 27(5): 347–352.;year=2017;volume=27;issue=5;spage=347;epage=352;aulast=Vimal
19 2017 Parveen S., Vimal M. Role of platelet indices in differentiating hypoproductive and hyperdestructive thrombocytopenia. Annals of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, Vol. 4, Issue 3 May 2017.
20 2]017 Vimal M, Sowmya S, Ramya G. Transfusion Transmissible Diseases – Is There a Decreasing Trend in Recent Years? National Journal of Laboratory Medicine. 2017; 6(1):07-11.
21 2016 Rajesh Kumar M, S Rathna, S Sowmya. Histopathological study of placenta in anemia of pregnancy in rural Puducherry.. J Evolution Med Dent Sci 2016
22 2016 Govindaraj T, Venkatraman J, Shankar U. Clinico-pathological profile of anemia in elderly: a hospital based cross sectional study.. Int J Res Rev 2016
23 2016 Palaniappan VM, Venkatraman Janarthanam MD, Swaminathan KM.. Histomorphological profile of Gastric antral mucosa in Helicobacter associated gastritis.. Int. J. Curr. Res. Med. Sci 2016
24 2016 Vimal M, Chitra T, Veeramachaneni R, Indurkar PS. Anaplastic carcinoma of thyroid: with osteoclast like giant cells: an extremely unusual finding in fine needle aspiration cytology.. International Journal of Research in Medical Sciences 2016
25 2016 Velu AR, Srinivasamurthy BC, Rani J. Cytological evaluation of benign breast lesions with histopathological correlation. Indian Journal of Pathology and Oncology 2016
26 2016 Ramya G, Nitya S, Vimal M, Rajeshwari. Study of prevalence and morphological patterns of anaemia in adult and geriatric population: a hospital-based study. Journal of evolution of medical and dental sciences. 2016;5(69):5041-5044.
27 2016 Ramya G, Vimal M. Analytical Study of Morphological Patterns of Anemia and Associated Illnesses in Females. International Journal of Research and Review. 2016; 3(5):54-57.
28 2016 Ramya G, Vimal M. Distribution of ABO and RH Blood Grouping in Rural Community of South India: A Population Based Study. Indian Journal of Pathology: Research and Practice. 2016: 5(3):325-8.
29 2016 Vimal M, Parveen S. Clinicopathological profile of spectrum of thrombocytopenic cases–a cross sectional study. Tropical Journal of Pathology and Microbiology. 2016 Dec 30;2(03).
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31 2016 G,Sowmya.S.A morphological study of cutanepous adnexal tumors.National Journal of laboratory medicine.2016 5(4): 8-11.
32 2015 Velu ARK, Vimal.M, Patil AS. Role of FNAC in predicting malignancy in breast lesions. J Evol Med Dent Sci 2015
33 2015 Vimal.M. A study on accuracy of frozen section diagnosis and turnaround time. Int J Health Sci Res 2015
34 2015 Vimal.M,. Therapeutic applications of nanotechnology in bone diseases and Bone tissue engineering.. International Journal of innovation Sciences and Research 2015
35 2015 Vimal.M, Chitra T, Harke AB. Proliferating brenner tumour of ovary – a rare entity.. Int J Curr Ress Rev 2015
36 2015 I. T. Govindaraj, S. Rathna, J. Venkatraman. Bone marrow study in pancytopenia. IJCRR 2015
37 2015 Velu AR, Srinivasamurthy BC, Balamurugan M. Clinicopathologic significance of Papanicolaou smear study of postmenopausal women in a rural tertiary care center. Clinical Cancer Investigation Journal 2015;;year=2015;volume=4;issue=2;spage=147;epage=151;aulast=Velu
38 2015 Srinivasamurthy BC, Ambedkar RK, Krishnan N, Patil AS. Ovarian serous borderline tumors with noninvasive and invasive peritoneal implants: a case report. Journal of cancer research and therapeutics 2015
39 2014 Parvathi P., Sowmya S., Erli Amel Ivan. Lipoleiomyoma: uncommon in common. International Journal of Recent Trends in Science And Technology 2014
40 2014 Sriram.V, Sowmya.S. Clinicopathological study of viral skin lesions. International Journal of Recent Trends in Science and Technology 2014
41 2014 Ronald Bosco., Sowmya.S. Histopathological study of xanthogranulomatous reaction in various sites. International Journal of Recent Trends in Science and Technology 2014
42 2014 Sowmya.S, Rajalakshmi.P, Ramya.G. Spontaneous infarction of fibroadenoma presenting as a painless lump in the breast. JIMSA 2014
43 2014 Bhuvaneswari, Sowmya. Placenta percreta in a primigravida. International Journal of Reproduct Contraception Obstetric and Gynaecology 2014
44 2014 Anand Mohanraj, Sowmya.S. Role of S-100 immunostaining in demonstration of nerve changes and quantification of dendritic cells in leprosy. Journal of Clinical diagnostic research 2014
45 2014 Venkatraman J, Rathna S, Dhananjay S. Kotasthane, Govindaraj T. Clinicopathological study of malignant soft tissue tumors. Journal of Evolution of Medical and Dental Sciences 2014——-shree.pdf
46 2014 Venkatraman, Ratna, Govindaraj. Clinicopathological study of benign soft tissue tumors. International Journal of Current Research and Review 2014
47 2014 Rathna S, Venkatraman J, Govindaraj, Anand S. Patil, Pavithran.. Study of morphological pattern of anemia in children.. Journal of evolution of medical and dental sciences. 2014
48 2014 Ambedkar Raj.K, Kulandai Velu, Banushree C Srinivasamurthy, Krishnan Nagarajan and Ilavarasi Sinduja.. Colonic adenocarcinoma, mucosa associated lymphoid tissue lymphoma and tuberculosis in a segment of colon: A case report. World J Gastrointest Oncol 2014
49 2014 Ambedkar Raj.K. Uterine fibroid tumor and associated changes in endometrium and myometrium-A three year prospective study in tertiary care hospital. J pharm biomed sci 2014
50 2014 Ambedkar Raj.K. Cytologic identification of borderline Papillary serous carcinoma of ovary in peritoneal washing cytology: A case report and review of literature.. J pharm biomed sci 2014
51 2014 Venkatraman J, Govindaraj T, Ambedkar Raj K, Rathna S. Mesenchymal hamartoma of liver-rare case. Int J Med Health Sci 2014
52 2014 Ambedkar raj kulandaivelu, banushree c. srinivasamurthy,anushree murugan and a. mutharasu.. Morphology and morphometric study of human placenta in rural southern india.. British journal of medicine & medical research 2014
53 2014 Erli Amel Ivan, Kanagalakshmi,. Prevalence of reproductive tract infections and its association with socio demographic profile among women in reproductive age group. International Journal of Recent Trends in Science And Technology 2014
54 2014 Deepti A. J, Erli Amel Ivan. Anticoagulant Induced Pseudothrombocytopenia-An Incidental Finding. International Journal of Recent Trends in Science And Technology 2014
55 2014 R.Sujitha, S.Sowmya,. Spermatocytic seminoma masquerading as chronic orchitis. International Journals of Recent Trends in Science and Technology 2014
56 2014  R.Sujitha, S.Sowmya,. Granular cell tumour : a report of two cases. Indian journal of basic of applied medical research 2014
57 2014 Mutharasu,Sowmya.S,Ramya.G. Verruca Vulgaris in a case of benign fibrous histiocytoma –A case report.. International Journals of Recent Trends in Science and Technology 2014
58 2013 Anand.M, Sowmya.S.. Cutaneous larva migransdiagnosis on fine needle aspiration. “International Journal of Recent Trends in Science and Technology” 2013
59 2013 Niveditha K. Sowmya.S, Fatima Shanthini. Spindle cell epithelioma:a rare vaginal tumor – a clinico pathologic report. Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research 2013
60 2013 Anandrajvaithy, Sowmya .S. Incidental diagnosis of follicular lymphoma in a patient presenting assweet’s syndrome-a case report. Int Journal of Recent Trends in Science And Technology 2013
61 2013 Venkatraman J, Jain A, Parmar P. Oral cysticercosis-a rare case report. International Journal of Current Research and Review 2013
62 2013 Ramya G,BanushreeC.Srinivasamurthy,Mutharasu& Deepti Jose. Thalassemia minor: A diagnosis dilemma.A case report of Thalassemia minor in a 20 year old patient presenting with severe anemia. Journal of Pharmaceutical and biomedical sciences (J Pharm Biomed Sci) 2013
63 2013 J.Venkatraman,D.S,Kotasthane,GKoteeswaran. A rare case of Endometrial ossification. The Internet Journal of Pathology 2013
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66 2013 Ramya.GSowmya.S.. Mixed epithelial and stromal tumour in a 45 year male. International Journal of Recent Trends in Science and Technology 2013
67 2013 Anand .M ,Sowmya.S. Cutaneous larva migrans:diagnosis on fine needle aspiration. International Journal of Recent Trends in Science and Technology 2013
68 2013 Arun M.,Reddy A.,KagneR.N.,Sowmya S.,Balaraman R.. Primary Muticentric Hepatocellular Carcinoma-An Incidental Finding At Autopsy. International Journal of Recent Trends in Science And Technology 2013
69 2013 ErliAmel Ivan, Mangaiarkkarasi A. Evaluation of anaemia in booked antenatal mothers during the last trimester. Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research 2013