Dr. Vignesh Kumar VA , Final Year Postgraduate student, Dept. of General MedicineInstitution: Sri Manakula Vinayagar Medical college and Hospital

Guided by

Dr. GIRIJA S, Prof & Head of the Dept. of General Medicine


(1) To evaluate the effectiveness of diabetes self-management education through smart phone application in Type 2 diabetes mellitus patients. (2) To compare the glycaemic control of patients using mobile apps with that of the control group.

Material and Methods Study design

It was a hospital based randomized controlled trial with equal randomization conducted in three phases. Sample size and sampling: The estimated sample size was 68, based on a mean difference in HbA1c level of 1.13% with a standard deviation of 1.2% between the interventional group and the control group. Simple random samplings without replacement were used to select 68 patients from the sampling frame. We used local and context specific mobile application with push-on messages to assess the self-care, glycaemic control and other biochemical parameters among the diabetes patients. The intervention was carried out for the period of six months by forming test group with mobile-user and control group with non-mobile users.


In the study, we can find that there is improvement in the glycemic control among the study participants. The parameters like BMI, HbA1C, Cholesterol, triglycerides, FBS, PPBS and creatinine were statistically significant. (p<0.001) It was also found that the mobile-based application was convenient to use (97.1%), and they will recommend to others to use the app (91.2%).


We found improvement in glycaemic profile, BMI, lipid and renal profile after six months of mobile-application based intervention among the study group.


Diabetes self-care, mobile phone technology, self-management, glycaemic profile, technology, mHealth.