AUTHORS –Dr.Subhasri (II year PG), Dr.Bupathy (Professor), Dr.Poomalar.G.K (Professor)


  • Sepsis is the most common cause of maternal death
  • Urinary tract infection remains the most frequent infection complicating pregnancy
  • Sepsis – Infection plus systemic manifestation of infection
  • Severe sepsis – Sepsis plus induced organ dysfunction.


31 years female G2P1L1 @ 37 weeks + 4 days / previous LSCS / GHTN on treatment / hypothyroidism / GDM on diet came for Elective LSCS with ST.

  • Patient had fever with chills in postoperative period and had encephalitis
  • Treated as urosepsis with early DIC.


  • Sepsis can also present as encephalitis which was differentiated from Posterior Reversible Encephalopathy Syndrome by presence of fever and negative MRI imaging.